4 Important Signs That A Relationship Is Ending And How To Avoid It

Today we are going to talk about 4 important signs that a relationship is ending and how you can avoid it. Being in a relationship is hard, everyone knows that. And a relationship that could be ending is hard, especially if one or the two persons involved still has feelings for each other. There are ways that you can save your relationship, no worries, but the important factor here would be that it should be a desire from the both of you. If only one person is working towards trying to make the relationship work, then that’s going to be really hard for that person, and honestly, it would be a little useless. The effort and the decision has to come from both sides that you still want to make it work.


Here are some signs that you should watch out for:



    If you find yourselves fight about every little thing, all time, then it may be time to take a step back and evaluate the relationship. If you notice that you and your partner has been criticizing each other, then you may want to stop because that is toxic behavior.

    If you are finding yourself stuck in a circle of negativity and mean words, you must find ways to undo it. Stop attacking the other person and try to talk about things logically. If you criticize your husband or boyfriend about something, you will need to say something positive to undo it.

    Be careful with your words because once they have been said, they cannot be undone. The damage will be there. You can say sorry, but let’s face it, it will always stay in the mind of your partner.


    Trust is important in a relationship as much as love is. If there is no trust, there is no relationship and there will be constant fighting. If the couple wants to fix it, the person who broke the trust needs to be willing to account or be responsible for the consequences of his or her actions like telling the truth or giving up a little bit of privacy until the trust has been mended.


    I’m just not talking about what’s happening in the bedroom, but even just simple touches like holding hands or cuddling is gone, you may need to evaluate the state of the relationship. Happy couples tend to touch more. They say that the true indicator of a healthy relationship is how your partner reacts to your touch. The stronger the touch reciprocity, the higher the emotional intimacy and satisfaction in the relationship.

    Pay attention to body language. It is a bad sign if the couple’s body language is trying to ward each other off.


    As I said above, if a couple fights all the time with no resolution, that’s a bad sign. Find a way to communicate better.


    It is also a big no no for couples who fight with a blank face. It could mean that the two of them have gone past the point of hurt and have began cutting off feelings towards one another. It is better when a couple is crying or even getting angry compared to being expressionless.


    You stop sharing things and talking to each other about your days and your interests. If you have stopped being friends, it could mean that the relationship isn’t growing.


    There is no motivation to make things better. Ask yourself, “Do you want this relationship to work?”


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4 thoughts on “4 Important Signs That A Relationship Is Ending And How To Avoid It

  1. These are very good tips that every couple should know, even if they are not going through a breakup. Couples tend to not realise their toxic behaviours because they have grown so used to each other.

    You are right in saying that it takes both parties to fix the relationship. Some people tend to hold on to a broken relationship even though their partners don’t care anymore. I think this is a sign of low self-esteem.

    Great article!

    1. Thanks Farhan. A lot of couples are blind to most of each other actions in a relationship. They should work to improve on the things they may not like but if one does not want to help then it is best to let it go.

  2. Hi,
    Well done, i love this post, for people who break up you have this down to a t as they say.
    I have a friend who is going through a strange relationship at the moment, i have given her advice but i am not sure its going in.
    You are right about the trust issues there is no point if you have no trust.
    Everybody has to make an effort in there life its not a hard thing to do, if you cant be bothered then there is no point being in that relationship.
    I will ask you one thing do you think its healthy to be in a relationship without one argument as i have spoke to a few people and they have said they have never had a row with there partner (REALLY)?.
    Thanks again i am going to show your post to my friend.

    1. Hey there. Break ups are not what everyone would consider the best thing ever. I hope your friend gets through the rough patches and things work out well for her.

      Trust is a very sensitive thing to obtain but it has the greatest impact between people.

      To answer your question, I would say that arguments are not the best way to talk things over. I believe that you can talk calmly to one another once both of you are calm. I never seen an argument where someone did not have hard feelings once it was over. They just learn to deal with each other or not deal with each other again. It is just my opinion though. After an argument things changes. Inside your mind you let a lot of things go. For example, you may say something like “I am not going to do this or that again” in your mind. I am sure you can understand what I am saying.

      No problem, I am sure she would enjoy reading it.

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