5 Useless Things To Stop Wasting Your Money On

Being smart in using your hard earned cash is important so if you have no idea where you should start, here are 5 useless things to stop wasting your money on. This may not seem like much but if the amount you have saved accumulates, it may be able to help you with your day to day living expenses.


5 Useless Things To Stop Wasting Your Money On


For most people, this is true: IT IS SO HARD TO SAVE. Do you agree with this? If you are new to saving and budgeting, it really requires a certain amount of conscious effort, doesn’t it? You would have to plan what expenses you are willing to cut off. Here are five things that you should consider:


  1. EXPENSIVE COFFEE. Find a cheaper alternative that will satisfy you. Do you really need to get a grande from Starbucks everyday? Go around your city and check out the quaint looking cafés. Their coffee won’t be as expensive as a Starbucks coffee but it could taste the same or even better. Another solution would be for you to make your own coffee. You know what you like. How sweet do you want it? How much cream do you put in? If you make your own coffee, you can adjust the taste however you like and you might even save a few dollars for it. If you have no idea how to go about making your own brewed coffee, you can search online (hint: Youtube) or befriend the barista at your local Starbucks outlet. This really helps especially if you drink more than one cup of coffee a day.
  2. BOTTLED WATER. Here in our city, a 2 gallon mineral water costs around the same as a 500 ml mineral water that you can get from convenience stores. Why do people buy bottle water? They are convenient but they are also pricey for such a little amount. If you want to save up, why don’t you start carrying your own bottle of water? Personally, I bought a 1L tumbler to put water in so I could bring it around instead of buying 2 to 3 bottles of mineral water.
  3. BRANDED ITEMS. We like our brands. A good brand is like a good investment but there are some brands or products from a certain brand that are so unnecessary. A watch – no matter what the brand is – will always tell the time if the battery is good. If you are just an average person, do you really need a watch that is water waterproof for 6,000 meters? Most likely, you just need a watch thats water resistant from the rain. Branded clothes are nice, but let’s keep in mind that if an expensive dress or shirt doesn’t look good on you… it won’t look good on you no matter what the brand is. In the end, if you are confident even if you wear a potato sack, you will always look good. As they say, having a shabby looking bag with $1,000 inside is better than having a bag worth $1,000 with nothing inside.
  4. INTERESTS FROM BILLS OR ADDITIONAL FEE FOR PAYING LATE. I’m sure those with credit cards can relate to this. Pay your dues on time to avoid an increase in the interest rate. A high interest rate can be heavy on you if you have to pay it every now and then. Instead of having an extra $200 for your leisure and vacation, you might need to postpone it because of your interest. Doesn’t that just suck?  To avoid this, set a reminder a week ahead the due date, then another reminder three days before, another one on the day before, and finally another one on the day just to be sure you won’t forget. With that many alarms, I’m sure you won’t forget.
  5. CABLE TV. Personally, I’ve already given this up and I don’t feel like I am missing anything. Every thing is on the internet anyway. If you subscribe to Netflix, you’ll be able to watch your shows at a lesser monthly fee. Not to mention the free websites that provide online streaming. CNN and other popular news channels have Facebook pages that provide live updates on what’s happening all over the world. Not to mention that there’s also Twitter! The need for cable TV is going down and so will your monthly expenses if you’re going to be smart about it.


Well, those are five things that you can give up (if you can) in order to save some money and maybe use them for something else that you’ll enjoy. These little savings may not mean much but they could help in giving a hand in making your dream vacation come true or finally buy that car you like.



What do you think of the five things that we have listed here? What more can you add?



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6 thoughts on “5 Useless Things To Stop Wasting Your Money On

  1. Hey Kendrick,

    I totally agree with these items. I’ve stopped myself from spending £2.50 a day on a take-out coffee, and now make myself a lovely Nespresso at home, froth my own milk, and take with me on my way to work on the train each day. It costs me about £0.35 per day instead and tastes about 90% as good!

    One thing I could add to your list would be: buying lunches every day. When I go to work, I can spend £4 per day on a lunch…. or instead, I choose to take my own lunch and snacks for 4 out of the 5 days per week. It costs me around £1.50 per day instead, including some tasty treats to get me through the day.

    I stick to this by allowing Friday to be my special day when I’m allowed to buy myself a takeout coffee and lunch 😉


    1. Hey Caroline,

      Making your own coffee is a lot better than buying coffee everyday. It could really cost you at the end of the month if you add it all up. Plus you get to make it just the way you want it.

      Lunches are another thing because you can easily buy a $5 dollar lunch each day and at the end of the week it could really add up. I see you did saved some money.

      I think you should at least have a day you can indulge in the things you want as a reward.

  2. Great post and so true. It is hard to save. I’ve cut out 4 out of the 5 things on your list in the past couple of years and noticed a huge difference. Especially with Cable TV. With so many streaming options available now, what’s the point of paying over $150 a month to watch TV?

    1. Saving is so hard to do when you are young because of all the possibilities lol. Seriously cutting back is like the best thing that you can do for yourself. I even started cutting back when things starts to gets tough. I am glad you was all ready on point years ago. & to answer your question, I do not see a point in it. You can watch your favorite tv show online for free. You just have to have the knowledge of where to look.

  3. I actually spend money on all 5 things on your list. Maybe that’s why I don’t have any cash.

    Seriously though, it’s quite a good list in its own right. Cable TV, although entertaining, can be a major distraction. Better off watching far less television and focusing that time on things that could actually make money rather than cost money.

    And we all know how wasted paying interest on credit is. I do love my café coffees though, but most of the time I just drink instant coffee at home.

    1. You have to be responsible for every dollar you make. Every dollar has to be accounted for.

      Cable tv is so expensive and can be a distraction. I agree you should watch less tv as well. With so many things to do each day it can be hard to find time to watch tv. 

      I hate interest in every way possible. I understand that you are borrowing money but why should we have to pay so much to do that? That is crazy. Thanks for the feedback!

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