About Kendrickk SuperStarr Youngg

Hey! Let me introduce myself, I am Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg. I am known mostly for my smile and my ability to make others smile. Also I want people to feel my passion when they listen to my music. I think that music helps people get through tough times and it also gets you hyped up to have a good time.

Maybe my music can bring great changes. Since I was a young boy, making music has always been my passion and interest. My interest in music must have started when I was still a little baby when my mom, grandma, and/or whoever else would sing different tunes to rock me to sleep. At times I’d watch my cousins sing songs together thinking they could sing around the house.

Growing up with music has been awesome. It has allowed me to express myself in ways other platforms could not. It has allowed me to establish deeper bonds with people with the same passion. Music helped me make connections with myelf and with other people.




However, life happened and I needed to pay the bills. I started out as a welder. Luckily, I got good at it enough to be certified and soon found work. My passion for music was momentarilly set aside to make way for real life.

Let’s get real, sitting down, making music, and waiting for a huge break wasn’t going to pay for my daily needs and monthly bills. Of course, my love for music was never gone or forgotten. Hip hop/Rap music often kept me company as I worked long hours to finish a project. It was hard. The long hours and tedious work would often leave me exhausted with little to no time to make music.

Not to mention that the projects were a little slow so I was broke and trying to get by daily dollar per dollar. I knew I needed a game plan to take care of myself and people I loved while I still couldn’t pursue what I really wanted to do. I decided to build a website. I heard a lot of rags to riches stories about people who became successful with blogging and I wanted to try my luck.

So there I was, with no idea how to go about this. I had a vision and I didn’t have a clue on how to get there. Luckily, I got connected with other people who were marketers and affiliates. I learned from them and developed a genuine love for website content creation. Finally, the website I created was getting some traffic.

I was on my way to reaching my dreams of having a comfortable life. I won’t lie. Building a website is not as easy as it sounds. There’s actually a lot of work going on in the background that left me with no time for anything else. But I was proud of what I had achieved.

People enjoyed my articles and often commented good things about them. But I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to do which was making music. Something was missing in my life and I knew what it was. Because of this, I was getting a little bit depressed so I did some exercising to keep fit and lift my spirit up.

I hit the gym and got back into healthy eating habits. The problem with website creation is that it requires you to sit a lot. I got lazy and comfortable with the sedentary life I lived. Changing it was challenging and I struggled everyday. They say it takes 66 days to break a habit, I feel like it took more for me.

However at the end of the day, the truth that I wasn’t totally happy with my life looked me right in the eyes. I knew it was because I wasn’t doing what my passion was so I took some time to plan out my website and decided that I was ready to make music again. In fact, I realized that I really missed doing it.

A wise friend told me that if I wait for the right time, then I’d be waiting forever. My passion was in making music and I’m going to do it. I strongly believe that people can only be truly happy if they are able to do what they really love. I hope you check it out! I poured my heart and soul into making my music so give it a listen if you will.

A little support would go a long way! I swear! You can do it by commenting, liking, and sharing it if you deem it worthy. I mostly do rap music but I am open to other genres as well.


If you also have passion for music, feel free to leave a comment below.




Your friend,