Anniversary Celebrations You Can Do At Home!

Most guys dream of bringing their significant other out on a date at a fancy restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. Eyes bright, smiles wide, and hands can’t stop reach out for each other. An orchestra plays a romantic melody that sets up the mood for the night. The food arrives paired with the perfect bottle of wine. Ah, but alas 2020 seems to crush that dream. With everything that is happening in the world today, it makes it a little harder to set things up and prepare for a celebration. Plus, to some, it may make you feel guilty for celebrating while others are in tight situations. Celebrations are still okay and welcome even during this time of pandemic. In my own opinion, we could all use a little ray of sunshine! And just because we have to stay at home more these days and social distance from people doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate.

Spending time with our significant other at home shouldn’t be limited to just doing Netflix and Chill. However if you can’t seem to rack up your brain of ideas, let me help you with regards to that.



People say let the past stay in the past, but now when it comes to romantic relationships. Looking back to how you two started and where you are now is a good thing, even if things seem to be going downhill. It could send you right back and make you remember why you two started dating in the first place. Sometimes looking back at the beginning can do wonders for where we currently are.

Prepare some snacks that you two can munch on and spend the whole afternoon or evening, looking back at old photographs, love letters, talking, or watching old videos. You can see how much has changed over the years. It’s fun, entertaining, and will help you both connect emotionally.



Cooking is always fun, but eating is more fun. Doing both is great! Sit down and plan for the menu a day before, go grocery shopping for the ingredients together, prepare the food, and eat the food together. The experience and the time you spend together will be a great bonding time. Plus in case you run into problems during the preparation, it would also test your problem solving skills.




If you think cooking a full on meal is tiresome and takes too much effort, BBQ would be a great solution. An even more romantic BBQ session would be at night, under the night skies.



However at the end of the most important thing is the time you two spend together. Make sure to turn off your notifications so you can provide each other that undisturbed attention.

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