At Home Business Ideas For Women

Women tend to play a lot of roles and sometimes, a certain role forces women to put a pause on their careers or business plans but that doesn’t mean that you have to be stagnant and dependent on your husband or partner because there are a lot of business ideas women can do at home. Am I right? Gone are the days wherein women are just plain old housewives. With the advancement of technology, women now have the option to earn money from home and be the darling mother she is to her children.


Thanks to the internet women now have a choice.


Moving on, what exactly can women do from home?


YOU CAN START A BUSINESS. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a big business. It can be a start-up business… A small business that you can manage during your free time. A business that you enjoy doing.


What are the things that you enjoy doing?



A woman named Jessy started a small baking business. Right at the comfort of her home! Well where else can she bake right? Anyway, Jessy really enjoys baking. She makes cakes and cookies for her family during special celebrations and even on normal days. She lets her kids bring some cookies to school for snacks. Soon enough, moms and some of her neighbors learns that Jessy bakes really good and so they begin to approach her to make cakes for a special occasion. Buying cakes from a famous store is a little expensive but buying from Jessy allows the moms and the neighbors to save up a few dollars. That’s always a good thing! Word of the mouth helped Jessy in her business and soon enough, she decided to take it online. She created a Facebook page so she could reach more people who would be interested in her cakes.


If you are like Jessy, you might want to consider this. Of course, there is a big risk for you when it comes to food business like accidental food poisoning or salmonella. Just be careful and be clean.



Do you enjoy knitting? How about painting? If you have a hobby that you can make a business out of, then please do your best! I am a hundred percent sure that someone will take interest and buy from you. There’s always social media to promote your craft. Check out Etsy too!



ASIDE FROM PUTTING UP A SMALL BUSINESS FROM HOME, YOU CAN TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE. Who are you going to teach? Most likely Japanese, Chinese, and Korean kids. Depending on the website you sign up with, you don’t have to make a lesson plan cause they have already prepared one for you. The pay depends on the number of classes you take of course.



BE AN ASSISTANT. I wouldn’t recommend this for busy moms especially those with toddlers or infants. Why? Because you are already busy assistivg your little ones, do you really want to assist another person? If your answer is yes then being a virtual assistant is for you. What do virtual assistants usually do? They book flights, book or cancel appointments, do simple tasks, and etc. It totally depends on what your employer wants to get done.




It is easy to find jobs online so enjoy the freedom that technology brings. Do what you can. Do what you love and earn from it. Don’t limit yourselves, women. There are a lot of opportunities out there for you, which you simply have to find and grab!





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