Tips For Online Classes

Most of us are stuck doing online classes because most schools are still closed. How have you adjusted to online learning? Being

Connection Despite the Distance

As of the moment, there is still the looming dangers of COVID-19 around the world. In 2021, it seems that we are

Good Habits to Form This 2021

2020 is finally over but some things and habits we have developed last year should be carried over to this year. As

Affirm The Future You Want

Recently, I’ve been coming across posts about manifestation and the law of attraction, and it got me curious. Many have stated that

New Year Resolutions!

When I was little, I was introduced to this tradition of writing down New Year Resolutions. It stood as goals to reach

The Origin Of Christmas Celebrations!

Hey you, Merry Christmas! As they say, this is the season for giving so what I will be giving you today is

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time, there was an old man who was all alone for Christmas. He had nowhere to go and there


Most of us are stuck at home, probably trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit despite all the weird things that

Christmas Gifts For Him!

Personally, I think shopping for men is something that’s very challenging to accomplish. I’m not sure about you, but most things I’d

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

In my own opinion, women are the easiest people to buy gifts for. It is a fact that when you go around