Best Natural Acne Scar Treatment

Having scars — especially on your face — may be annoying, irritating, and may dent your self esteem just a little so knowing the best natural acne scar treatment is a must. But first, what is acne? This skin disease can literally pop out on your face, back, and sometimes even on different parts of your body as well. To be more specific, acne is a skin disease that affects a person’s oil glands. The mentioned glands are responsible for producing sebum which is our body’s natural oil. Too much sebum can make us have oily skin which isn’t good too.



HOW DOES ACNE HAPPEN? Ladies, knowing the cause can help us prevent it or at least minimize it. Let us go back to the pores that produce sebum… Too much sebum production can also cause the pores to be blocked or plugged, this can cause it to bulge and it may become infected. Germs cause acne to spread, inflame, and break out.




As they say, “You are what you eat” and that’s true. If you want to stop having acne, you should avoid these (or at least minimize if you really can’t) — bread, bagels, chips, chocolate, milk, ice cream, soda, and pizza.



BUT WHAT IF YOU DON’T EAT THEM AND YET YOU STILL HAVE ACNE? Then you should check out your hygiene. How do you care for your skin? What products do you use? Are they irritating for your skin? What are your habits? Do you wash your face often?


Sadly, there are some people who are really prone to having acne because of their genetic coding. There’s nothing you can’t do about that. You can’t change the family you were born into. The best thing you can do is visit a dermatologist and ask him or her the best way to lessen your acne.





✅ LEMONS — Lemons are refreshing to drink during a hot summer day. They also have high levels of vitamin C which can boost your immune system. Lemons are citrus, which you probably know, so it means that they are acidic in nature. This acidic nature or the citrus acid is a great aid when it comes to removing your scars. You may feel a slight sting when applying it but guaranteed, it will lighten your scars and even dark spots on your face, back, and neck.


What to do? SLICE THE LEMON IN HALF then apply or rub it against your face. Some people even suggest adding honey to the mix if you really want smooth flawless skin. A lot of women swear by this so it must be true! I used to rub lemon over my knees and elbows to whiten them and they have worked. It took a couple of months but I can see the results now.


You can also add baking soda to the mix. It is great for clearing your skin too. Just keep in mind that you should immediately wash them off. Do not let them stay on your skin for more than 10 minutes. Timing is the key!



And if you have some left over lemons, you can use them to clean surfaces like the sink. You can also add some lemon slices to your water. It is more refreshing that way! Not to mention, lemons also smell great so you can put some lemon slices in not so exposed parts of your house and have it smelling fresh all day long.




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Can you lose weight not eating food?

Can you lose weight not eating food? The short answer to this would be yes. But what kind of weight are we losing exactly by not eating food? And is this actually the best way to lose weight? There are also several variables to have a generalized answer to this, namely the type of food you decide to stop eating(or cut down on) along with the frequency or schedule you intend to apply in terms of figuring out how often you want to cut down your eating.


Natural Facial Oily Skin

Having oily skin can be a bit messy so here are some natural facials that you can do at home to counter your oily skin. HOW DOES THE SKIN BECOME OILY? Oily skin is not a great thing to have. I have known girls and even boys who have been dealing with oily skin their whole lives. I asked a friend who we will call CLARK about his experience as he grew up with oily skin.



“It was the worst. Classmates teased me about it, saying that they will fry an egg on my face. I couldn’t exercize and I dreaded going to PE cause I will be sweating and my face will be a lot more oily from it. I remember getting rejected by a girl I liked because she didn’t like my oily face. It really knocks your self esteem down a few steps.” 


Poor Clark but at least he had outgrown it now. Oily skin is caused by the hormone called ANDROGEN. These cause the oil glands under your skin to grow, of course too much of it won’t lead to good results. Having oily skin can also call it’s partner to settle down on your face. Who am I talking about? Well, it is none other than ACNE. Believe me, you don’t want to deal with acne and oily skin at the same time.


One is enough.


For students, it can be a little challenging to get your skin treated so you may want to resort to cheap and natural methods but safe of course. We don’t want to worsen the amount of oil on your skin.




If it is a facial you are looking for them be ready to head to the pantry or to your nearest grocery store. Go and grab some lemons and eggs.



WHAT WILL YOU DO?  Of course, first you have to slice the lemon and squeeze the juice out. You want the juice not the lemon itself. Next, get an egg and do your best to separate the white from the yellow. Set aside the yellow part.


NEXT, you will mix the lemon juice with the egg white. When you are done, apply it on your face like a mask. Let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. Not too long! Wait for it to dry and then be sure to wash it off with WARM water to open the pores up.



HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD YOU DO THIS? You should do it once a week.



If you are already doing this, how is it going for you? The lemon juice will also be able to rid of the acne scars in your face if you have them. That’s two birds in one stone!






THE WHAT? But avocados are for eating. Yes but they are super good for the skin too. You will need lemon juoce and egg white still. So if you have some leftovers from the mask above, put them to good use with this mask.


HOW DO YOU DO THIS? Combine the three ingredients until it will become pasty. Apply it on your face and wait for it to dry. Since it has the lemon component, I would not advice to let it stay on your face for too long. 5 to 10 minutes is okay.


Rinse it off with cold water.




WELL, WHICH OF THE TWO ARE YOU EXCITED TO TRY OUT? I might try the first one since I might be tempted to eat the avocado instead if I go for the second.



If you have tried any of the two, how is your skin faring?



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Why Do You Need Health Insurance

For our young adults, you may wonder why a lot of older adults nag us about getting health insurance — why do you need health insurance and is it really necessary? Is it just another added expense for us or will it really help us in the end? What are the benefits of health insurance?







By definition, health insurance is “insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over a large number of persons.” This is from Wikipedia. In addition, most health insurances includes losses from accidents, medical expense, dismemberment, disability, and etc. Knowing all that, we conclude that it is a great service to get for ourselves and our family but the question is, is it really needed?




Those individuals who do not have health insurance will most probably spend more and receive less. They have worse health outcomes. Health insurance are great when unexpected accidents happen and you may find yourself in a tricky situation. For example, you are one of those who live day by day and can’t save enough money for an emergency fund, you may have a hard time looking for money to spend in the hospital and the medical expenses. However if you have a health insurance which you pay monthly or annually, you will not be bothered by unexpected accidents too much since you are sure that your health insurance will be able to cover it.





A GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU A SENSE OF SECURITY. Like I stated above, unexpected accidents can happen which can rock your boat. If you have a health insurance you will be able to predict your monthly expenses because the amount you will pay is fixed already. Thus this will allow you to budget your money wisely. You will also be able to give your family a sense of security (also for yourself) that when they get sick or encounter an accident, they will be able to receive the best care and medical services available to them.




KNOWING THAT, A GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU A PEACE OF MIND. Since you have signed up for health insurance to cover you, you won’t go through each day with fear in your mind. If you have a family, you will always be thinking about their health and safety. If someone in your family is sick, you’d want to be able to give them the best medical care that you can afford. Having a health insurance will be able to help you with that.





THERE ARE ALSO GREAT PAYBACKS WHEN IT COMES TO HEALTH INSURANCE. Sometimes, you will be able to get some money. Of course, this is great for your financial status.




What does a health insurance normally cover? A normal health insurance usually covers payments of benefits such as the result of sickness or injury. However if you want something else or for it to cover some more, you may talk to your health insurance agent about it. This might mean that you will be paying a little more than you normally would.




Here is a personal testimony of a young 28 year old man: “I wasn’t sure about getting health insurance at the beginning. I was a struggling salesman and I wasn’t sure if I could pay for the monthly fee. However, when my young infant suddenly became sick that was the time when I said to myself that I should’ve gotten that health insurance when it was being offered to me. I figured that a fix monthly fee of 18 US DOLLARS was better than suddenly having to pay hundreds more. I lived with my salary day to day which was really hard to save up and prepare an emergency fund. Once my baby got better, I immediately signed up for the best health insurance policy I could find. Now I no longer have to worry. I know that my family and I are covered and we have someone to watch our backs in case of sickness and sudden accidents.”




Based on the testimony, we can conclude that the benefits of securing a  quality health insurance plan extend well beyond ourselves. The added sense of security knowing that your family becomes accounted for is something a lot of people look for and prioritize when looking for a suitable health insurance plan.



In hind sight, instead of pondering, debating, or even arguing about why we should be investing in a solid health insurance plan, maybe we should be asking ourselves why we haven’t gotten one already? Like any investment, this isn’t exactly the sort of thing you’d want to delay getting, as the whole point of the health insurance is to get as much support and coverage as possible for any future expenses incurred by unforeseen circumstances.






There aren’t many downsides to getting a quality health insurance plan.  Unless you sign up with a faulty or shady agency, there isn’t much of a reason to not get a health insurance. As the saying goes, health is wealth. You can never go wrong with investing in your health, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, even your family’s as well. Some of the only things you’d like to take note of are the available agencies and services within your area. Make it a point to exercise due diligence when doing your research and ensuring that you’re getting the most reasonable and cost-effective packages for the packages or plans you intend to invest in. Best of luck in your pursuit of health security and happiness!




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How To Be In Control Of Your Life

Let us admit it, life is pretty hard and learning how to be in control of your own life is essential. As days go by, we might find ourselves lost, confused, and mindlessly just going through the motions just to get through another day of work. Everyday is mundane. A repetition. There is nothing that lifts up your spirits and soon enough, you will find yourself burned out. How will you know if you are “burned out”? It is simple! By definition, being burned out means that you are in a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion that is caused by prolonged stress. It happens when you have been overwhelmed with tasks to do, emotionally drained, and find yourself unable to meet contant demands by people around you.


Pause. Let us assess, do you feel this way? Do not take being burned out lightly as it can cause depression and anxiety to some.



Here are some ways I suggest that will allow you to maintain control of your life. Read on!



  1. LEARN TO SAY NO. Repeat after me, “No”. There are some of us who find it hard to say no to people who keep on asking us to do favors. To be honest, I find it hard to say no becausw I do not want to disappoint people and I want to put on a brave face that I am capable of anything that will be thrown at me. The thing about this is that you will be at risk to wearing yourself down while doing things to please other people. Saying no may be a challenge but it is something that you must learn to start doing. If you cannot handle another task in your plate, but your boss asks more from you, learn to say no. Realize this: if you get sick from working too much, your boss will simply replace you with a fresh graduate. What happens to you? You will be unemployed and sick. Learn to say no, friends.
  2. TAKE SOME TIME OFF AND HAVE YOUR ME TIME. Believe me, you will feel refreshed afterwards. I wake up early for work but I always spend at least an hour of me time before I go to bed at night. It may not be the wisest decision but I give up an hour of sleep for a little me time. Go on and enjoy doing somehing that you love. Paint! Read a book! Watch your favorite Netflix series! Bake 60 strawberry cupcakes! Do whatever it is you need to do to feel refreshed and yourself again. Remember, all work made Jack a very dull boy.
  3. CUT OFF SOME TOXIC PEOPLE. You don’t need the extra stress, really. We all have those friends who say passive aggressive stuff under their breath but they make sure that we can still hear them. We all have that aunt or uncle who just can’t stop saying that we have gained weight (as if that’s the worst thing that can happen!) Choose people whom are good for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. And if you can’t cut them off (like your mother or your spouse), be ready to set aside some time to talk it out and iron the issues. It may not end well or it may, but at least boh parties are aware and will be able to make changes.
  4. GO OFFLINE. I don’t know about you but there are times wherein I wish not to be bothered. I am having a hard time disconnecting from the internet though but whenever I do, it feels refreshing. Don’t you think that there’s a lot of pressure on people right now to respond to messages immediately? Everything is instant which seemed to have resulted in people’s patience to be but a distant memory. Disconnect even just for two hours and go take a walk.
  5. IT IS THE LITTLE THINGS. What are your thoughts daily? Are you nice to yourself? Life is hard enough on all of us, why make it harder on yourself? We have found out that saying encouraging things to oneself actually works. Be sure to tell yourself nice things like “You are doing your best!”, “You did great today!” and other positive thoughts.
  6. MANAGE YOUR FINANCE. Money can be a source of stress for most of us. Do you have enough money to last you until the next payday? Where did all your money go? Take some time to manage your finances well. Be organized about it. Set aside money for your bills. Set aside money for emergencies. And be sure to treat yourself once in a while! You deserve it!
  7. EAT HEALTHY. What you eat is what you are. When you consume an unhealthy diet, then you will be unhealthy in the long run. Besides, eating good food makes you feel good and gives you more energy to do more. It doesn’t have to be over the top. A simple mixed berries smoothie or sugarfree diet can help. Of course, no one expects you to make a quick 360 on your diet. Don’t pressure yourself! Have fun with your food!
  8. BE REALISTIC ABOUT YOUR EXPECTATIONS. It is perfectly fine to daydream and to want things to go perfectly as you planned them to be in your head, but if they don’t, I hope you have learned to not take it to heart too much. That’s life, you see. It doesn’t really go the way we specifically want it to all the time. Some people have such high expectations that when they don’t get it, they become depressed. What’s meant for you will be yours. Let life happen and surprise you!



What more suggestions can you donate, dear reader? What do you personally do to feel that you have control over your life? Do share with us in the comment section below! We would really love to hear from you!


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