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Best Online Business Ideas 2017

What are some of the best online business ideas of 2017? You’d be surprised at how much the internet has grown. Gone are the days where some of the only uses known were emailing and the occasional Google search. Business and digital economy have made extremely significant strides over the past few years. You better believe it, gone are the days where the use of computers and the internet were seen as futile. There now exist entire multi-million dollar companies and organizations operating solely within cyberspace without any physical or tangible pieces of equipment other than a desktop computer and an internet connection.




It’s come to the point that if you are not involved or participating in the digital economy and have the means to do so, but are not, it’s time to start asking yourself why you haven’t invested some of your time and resources to go and explore the endless possibilities already! There is a multitude of industries just waiting to be explored within the depths of the internet, from selling actual physical products stored at a separate location for shipping, to more service oriented features such as online courses for different facets of education and learning, you’d be amazed at how much room for opportunity and growth there are in so many unexplored markets, and surprisingly, even in the already explored and established ones!



To start getting specific, we can begin discussing a few more simpler examples of some already successful business ventures online. One of which would be, surprisingly enough, proofreading. A lot of people that want to get their business running online are too focused on managing their product and content that they simply do not have the time to go through their material over again from scratch. Hence, they go on to outsource proofreaders online at reasonable prices for their services. The obvious benefits and advantages follow as they then have the time and mental resources to then allocate the rest of their creative energy into creating and delivering more quality products.
As mentioned previously, there are also now a lot of online “schools” that allow you to study and even achieve credited degrees from the comfort of your own home. The great thing about these types of businesses is that they require no physical inventory to be present or stored anywhere (unless the business also advertises the sale of materials and equipment related to their services). Another advantage is the ability to save and invest minimum or zero capital at all based on the facts mentioned previously, requiring little to no physical materials or equipment to carry out services aside from your initial desktop setup and internet connection.





For those with actual goods for sale(stocked separately in a storage warehouse or not), interested entrepreneurs and salesmen may also engage in managing an e-commerce online store. Instead of having a physical shop where customers go to and select their items to purchase, people can instead simply browse your online catalogue of items for sale and purchase them via credit card or whatever other payment options the owner opens for selection. A great example of this would be Amazon and E-bay, where you can simply type an item of interest into the search box and browse until the product of interest is found which they can then add into a digital shopping cart and eventually checkout and proceed to pay for the items bought. These items are then usually delivered right to the customers doorstep, saving both the customer and retailer time and space when transacting or processing orders!
For the more tech-savvy(or brave) there’s a more intimidating industry for freelancers to explore, which is the vast and crazy world of coding or software-development. This field is definitely not for the faint of heart and requires potentially years of prior studying and experience engaging in the actual application of this very delicate operation. You’ll find though that there is quite a high demand for this specific skill and it pays quite generously considering the aptitude and perseverance required to create fully functional software and coding.







Then there are other possible areas for exploration such as blogging, image and video editing, virtual assistants, customer support roles, and even online accountants just to name a few more. The possibilities are literally endless, and that isn’t even an exaggeration! Hopefully this gave you some insight into some of the possibilities of venturing in the online world in pursuit of a fruitful business!



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Free Home Business Ideas

If you need a little extra money on the side then here are some free home business idea that you can explore. Of course, like all businesses or hobbies, you might need to shell out a bit of cash but think of it as an investment. You are buying the right tools to be successful.


Now listen here, life is tough. Everyone knows that. Even the super rich people know that, and as we grow older, it only gets tougher. Our responsibilities and needs grow. There is no shame in admitting that we need a little bit of money.



Hopefully you already have the tools you need to start the business you have in mind.






Take a look around your house. Do you have old things that you can sell? Hey maybe that TV by the corner that you don’t use anymore cna be sold. Or how about that toaster your aunt gave you three years ago? Or how about those magazines? You can go to the junkyard and have them scaled. Go to your closet and check out your old clothes. Are you hoarding them? Is it time to let them go? You can always donate them but if you need money, you can sell them.


You can’t help other people if you can’t survive.



Maybe you should start a little garage sale. It kills two birds in one stone. First, you get rid of some old forgotten things in your home and have more space to move around and two, you get money.



If you still need money, you can always create stuff. What can you do? Can you knit? Can you make little trinkets? Can you make little teddy bears out of your old socks or sweaters?



Get a little help from the internet to share your products and attract more customers. Share that post! Take time to take decent, bright, and clear pictures of your products. Flat lay those iron patches and homemade cookies. As far as I know, there’s still no tax for this so you can keep all your money.



NEXT, YOU CAN OFFER YOUR SERVICES. What can you do? Do you like dogs? Maybe walk three or sixteen dogs. Mow someone’s lawn for them. Plan someone’s birthday party. Be someone’s personal shopper.


Or invest in yourself. Take an online course about coding and create websites. Edit blogs. Edit videos. Create presentations and write term papers. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. Be someone’s assistant online.



It may be challenging at the beginning, especially if you have no idea how the industry works online but I’m sure that you will get a hang of it. Again, invest in yourself. Take cheap online courses and read up on a lot of topics. It really pays to be well read.



NEXT, BUILD A WEBSITE. You can be your business. Create a blog or a vlog. Be a social media influencer. You may need to spend a little for your website but it’s not that much! When your website becomes popular and receives a lot of daily traffic, you can be contacted by brands to partner with you and receive money. Advertisements placed on your website pays pretty well too.


There are some bloggers who earn 100,000 US Dollars a month. I am not kidding! You could be the next one!




What other ideas do you have? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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At Home Business Ideas For Women

Women tend to play a lot of roles and sometimes, a certain role forces women to put a pause on their careers or business plans but that doesn’t mean that you have to be stagnant and dependent on your husband or partner because there are a lot of business ideas women can do at home. Am I right? Gone are the days wherein women are just plain old housewives. With the advancement of technology, women now have the option to earn money from home and be the darling mother she is to her children.


Thanks to the internet women now have a choice.


Moving on, what exactly can women do from home?


YOU CAN START A BUSINESS. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a big business. It can be a start-up business… A small business that you can manage during your free time. A business that you enjoy doing.


What are the things that you enjoy doing?



A woman named Jessy started a small baking business. Right at the comfort of her home! Well where else can she bake right? Anyway, Jessy really enjoys baking. She makes cakes and cookies for her family during special celebrations and even on normal days. She lets her kids bring some cookies to school for snacks. Soon enough, moms and some of her neighbors learns that Jessy bakes really good and so they begin to approach her to make cakes for a special occasion. Buying cakes from a famous store is a little expensive but buying from Jessy allows the moms and the neighbors to save up a few dollars. That’s always a good thing! Word of the mouth helped Jessy in her business and soon enough, she decided to take it online. She created a Facebook page so she could reach more people who would be interested in her cakes.


If you are like Jessy, you might want to consider this. Of course, there is a big risk for you when it comes to food business like accidental food poisoning or salmonella. Just be careful and be clean.



Do you enjoy knitting? How about painting? If you have a hobby that you can make a business out of, then please do your best! I am a hundred percent sure that someone will take interest and buy from you. There’s always social media to promote your craft. Check out Etsy too!



ASIDE FROM PUTTING UP A SMALL BUSINESS FROM HOME, YOU CAN TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE. Who are you going to teach? Most likely Japanese, Chinese, and Korean kids. Depending on the website you sign up with, you don’t have to make a lesson plan cause they have already prepared one for you. The pay depends on the number of classes you take of course.



BE AN ASSISTANT. I wouldn’t recommend this for busy moms especially those with toddlers or infants. Why? Because you are already busy assistivg your little ones, do you really want to assist another person? If your answer is yes then being a virtual assistant is for you. What do virtual assistants usually do? They book flights, book or cancel appointments, do simple tasks, and etc. It totally depends on what your employer wants to get done.




It is easy to find jobs online so enjoy the freedom that technology brings. Do what you can. Do what you love and earn from it. Don’t limit yourselves, women. There are a lot of opportunities out there for you, which you simply have to find and grab!





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How To SEO A Blog Post

As a blogger or owner of a website, one of the most important things that you should know about is on how to SEO a blog post. Have you ever encountered the word SEO? That is short for Search Engine Optimization. When we say ‘Search Engine’ we are referring to Google, Yahoo! , and Bing!


Did you know that maneuvering successfully through search engines will be able to help your post gain more traffic? For a website, traffic is very important. In a way, traffic is what keeps it going.



There are four types of traffic that you should be aware about, and they are:


• ORGANIC TRAFFIC: This is the traffic that comes from unpaid search results. Just to let you know, increasing organic traffic is one of the main goals of SEO.


• PAY-PER-CLICK: Also known as Cost Per Click. The one who advertises pays the owner of the blog if a reader happens to click their ad. That’s one of the reasons why traffic is important.


• REFERRAL TRAFFIC: Some people call this social traffic. This is how Google lets you know the number of clicks your website has received that didn’t come from their seatch engines. For example, Facebook. Someone liked your post enough to share it on their profile. Three friends see it and click on it which leads them back to your website to read the post. Now you have more unique traffic from Facebook. So as a blogger, one of the things that you can do to promote your website would be to keep sharing your posts. If people don’t know it exists, then there’s no way for them to visit it, right?




• DIRECT TRAFFIC: Facebook has a large amount of direct traffic. This happens when an individual types your website URL on the search bar to immediately go to your site. They don’t pass through any other website to get to your website.



Now that you are aware of the different kinds of traffic, let us move on to improving your blog posts to allow SEO. What are some easy ways that you can do so?




SEO is not as complicated as it sounds, guys. When you SEO a blog post, you just give the search engines a hand so that they can easily find your post in case someone is looking for it.



How? That is with the use of keywords.  These help the search engine know what your post or blog is all about and as a result it is able to easily pull up your blog in case someone uses they keywords to search for something.




Of course, just using random words to garner attention is just not going to work. For one, Google has created nano robots to go through each website and assess the authenticity and relevance of the site to the keywords used. If you are talking about the plants in your garden, using the word Justin Bieber in your post is going to be detrimental to your cause. Google will see this as false information and may even ban your website from appearing in the search engine results. Believe me, that is something that you do not want to happen.



It may be hard to get back into Google’s good graces.


The first step to SEO is knowing what keywords that you should use. Remember that the keywords you choose should be relevant to your niche or what your blog is all about. Here is a little tip: keywords with high traffic may prove to be a little website to rise above. Of course, the older websites who have already proven themselves would go first in line. So better for you to choose keywords that don’t get constant high traffic but are getting a steady flow of traffic. By doing so, you will have fewer competitors and your chances of coming up first are higher. You want your website to be seen, not hidden.




Now that you have decided on what possible keywords you will be using on a new blog post, you will now think of ways to utilize these keywords into your posts. It is best to have these keywords inside the first paragraph of your post since this will be easier for the nano robots to see, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit their presence just there. Be sure to spread the keywords all over your post but make it a little discreet with close related keywords.



Just because your keywords are pink boots doesn’t mean that every sentence will have pink books in them.



It is important for you to make your blog post relevant and important enough for people to actually read it from top to bottom. If you are a blog owner of a cat website, then talking about a dog would be considered out of place. Unless you are talking about why cats are better than dogs.



Of course the blog post doesn’t have to be super long. The important thing is that it should be interesting, should catch and capture the attention of the readers. It should be long enough to get all your points out but it should be short enough not to bore the reader. Don’t let your post drag on and on. If you are writing about something lengthy, cut it into two parts.



When you are done, make sure that your title has also been keyword optimized so that it can easily capture the attention of the readers. Don’t forget to optimize the images that you use and link them back to your website.




Once you are done, be sure to share your post! Share it on your Facebook! Share it on Twitter! Share it everywhere!




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Steps On How To Write An Article For Your Blog




Interested? Read on.









This is obvious enough but what isn’t obvious is that the topic that you chose should be somehow related to the niche that you are focusing on. It would be disasterous for you to write an article about gardening when your topic is baking cookies, unless you make the gardening article related to cooking like let’s say how to make a space cake. For those who do not know what a space cake is, it is a cookie that has little mixtures of weed. So you start off with how to care for plants and then how to mix it with your baking, which is the main focus of your blog. This is somehow acceptable! The hard part in looking for a topic is when you feel like you have talked about everything under the sun.


Could there be something more that you can talk about? Should you reopen a past topic? What can you write that would somehow connect to your most popular article?



Unto the next step,







To give your blog a strong sense of authenticity, you should be mindful that what you are publishing on your blog whether true or else, you put the credibility of your blog at stake. Remember, if you take from only one source, that is considered as plagiarism. However, if you take from a lot of sources and you site them somewhere in your article then that is research. There is a thin line between the two so you best be careful. There are a lot of bloggers who were slammed by the internet because they were caught stealing from other people’s blogs. That may be easy, but it comes with serious consequences so do not do it.



With writing (creative or not) comes researching.







If you have been blogging for quite a while, I would assume that you are quite familiar wih SEO. For newbies, that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how you make it better for the search engine (like Google) to find your blog every time certain keywords (that can be found in your blog post or article) are used by an individual to search.



What keywords can you use for your article? How will you position them? How sure are you that they will artract the traffic that you want?



For those who have no idea what SEO is and how to do it, no worries. Check around this website for we have a lot of articles about it. Learning SEO is a must for every blogger who wants to make it big in the digital world. You can also check out some free classes online about it. Good luck!







Just write. Start writing! Eventually the words will start flowing. Personally, that is my method. I have keywords and I find ways to incorporate them into the article and then I write. The words flow. For others, they lay out an extensive planning on what to write or talk about in the first paragraph, where to add a media file, and how to end it. I think that takes too long but if it works for you then that’s great.







An article that is all words is a little boring. So add a few pictures here and there. Hey maybe a video works or a clipart. Just make sure they are somehow related to your topic.



Remember that every thing you add to your post must be related to your post. STAY ON TOPIC.





Reread it two times or three times until you feel like there’s no mistske. You can miss one or two there sometimes even if you read it over and over. A great technique would be to allpw someone else to read it. You already know what is written so that might make you miss a few typos here and there. Have someone you trust proof-read your work before you go and publish it. I know that it is exciting to push that publish button but please, just let someone read it first before you do. It will be a little harder to take back once some people have read it.







While you are rereading it, you can make yourself useful by finding words that you can hyperlink with a past article on your website. Were you talking about skin care and you mentioned the use of lemon in making your skin care? Hyperlink the word lemon to a past article that talks about the different benefits of lemon or how to plant your own lemon tree in your backyard. Someone might be interested and click on that.







Don’t end it abruptly. Make a short little look back on your article and give it a nice ending. Just don’t end it so abruptly.






If you are feeling confident enough to publish it, do it. Make sure that you have entered the appropriate tags so that people will be able to find them and also do share your articles on social media. Traffic from social media is the easiest to get nowadays since everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or an Instagram. Share the love! When you don’t share, people may not know about your blog thus they can’t find it. That means lesser traffic for you.



Don’f forget to engage with your readers and the people who comments om your blog posts!



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