The Best Mortage And Interest Rates In The Market

Are you a homeowner looking for the best mortage and interest rates in the market for the year 2017?  But before we begin comparing, let us first define the terms. When we use the word “MORTAGE”, we are referring to “a legal agreement by which a bank or other creditor lends money at interest in exchange for taking title of the debtor’s property, with the condition that the conveyance of title becomes void upon the payment of the debt.” To make it simple to understand, when we mortage something we make a deal with the bank who lends us money with an interest rate and in exchange for this, they will have the title of your property until you are able to pay off the money you borrowed. That’s why there are instances wherein we will hear people saying that the bank took the property away or the bank will seize the building.




If you partner with a great bank with low or fair interest rates, then making a deal with them will be very easy and beneficial to you. Mortages are actually great especially if you haven’t saved enough yet. I have an aunt who somewhere near a shady part of the city. One night, thieves entered their home but luckily they were all asleep. In the morning, the found their doors open and some valuable stolen. Fearing that it will happen again, my aunt approachdd a trusted bank and sought out help. She managed to purchase and build a two-storey house in a gate community in two months time. She was very happy and she felt more secure for her family. If she didn’t make a deal with the bank, they would have had to wait two years or more before they could have moved out. The thieves might have come again.



Now my aunt is just working overtime to pay the monthly mortage fee. Thinking about it, that seems like a fair trade for a comfortable and safe house for her whole family. Don’t you agree?



Interested to buy a new house or maybe a new car but you don’t have enough funds yet? Find a bank that you trust and make a deal with them. As long as you can pay your dues  you will have no problem.



As we all know, there are a lot of companies in America and it might all get a little confusing. So let us ask a little help from the internet, you can actually compare mortage rates online. You will be able to see a detailed report. Of course, this is easier for you to see and compare than  e detailing it all her paragraph by paragraph.



According to the simpledollar, the best rates for the most credit-worthy borrowers on a conventional 30-year mortgage are hovering around 3.8%. They advice that if you are looking for one, you should act immediately.



If you want a website that can help you compare prices, you should go to They offer very detailed outputs and they are also easy to understand. I doubt you really want to read the technical stuff online. What I’d do is I’d check out the cheapest or most affordable one online, then call their office or better yet personally talk with someone from the company who can discuss things with me better. It is different when you sre talking with someone in person, plus it is easier to ask questions that way.



Here is an example of interest rates from the website mentioned above:




If you noticed, there are two types of rates. We have the fixed and the adjustable. Which one is the best? Well, that really depends on your financial situation. Fixed rates often have high initial interest rates however the interest fee remains the same all throughout which makes the monthly fee that you have to pay predictable. Thus, you will be able to budget it successfully.



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What Is The Right And Wrong Time To Use A Payday Loan?

Some readers asked us: “WHAT IS THE RIGHT AND WRONG TIME TO USE A PAYDAY LOAN?” When you are working for your needs, we put a different value on the money we earned ourselves compared to how we handled the money given to us when we were still dependent on our parents. Being a young adult and trying to manage our own finances, opens our eyes to the value of hardwork and the importance of money. Although it is true that money is not every thing, it is hard to deny that money can make our lives and also the lives of those we love comfortable and secure. Life is tough but by being jobless and just sitting on our asses waiting for blessings to be bestown upon us makes life even harder than it already is.



Going back to the topic, what is a payday loan? Think of it as a speedy cash loan or an emergency loan.  It is a short term loan and it is often based on the borrower’s (you) personal check. Mind you, you cannot borrow huge amounts just a few hundred bucks. If you really need money, you can turn to a payday loan. It’s fast but you will also have to pay fast. I am not sure but some companies just deduct the amount borrowed from their employee’s future salaries. Of course, they don’t deduct it all at once (or else the employee might be bring home nothing), but bit by bit. It is kind of a win win if the set up is like that.





Of course, most payday loans do not work like that. In most companies, payday loans are expensive which is why a lot of people do not go through it unless they really need the money. You may need to pay a hundred times more than the actual money thst you borrowed. Unbelievable? That’s true!


First reason why you shouldn’t get a payday loan would be (as I stated above) it is very expensive. If you cannot afford to pay it, forget about it. There are other alternatives to payday loans like creating an emergency cash fund, keeping an open credit card for emergencies, have another job, or try peer to peer lending services. There are other alternatives that you can try first okay.


Second, debt accumulates interest fast which will make it hard for you to pay for the money you borrowed. My advice is to avoid borrowing money if you can. Just try to look for alternatives first before you do so. You may have to pay for it for the rest of your life which is really really bad.




Third, payday loans are tempting. You can get oayday loans asap without giving time to really think it over. You may build a habit over it and may soon find yourself swimming in debt wihout you noticing.



The right time to get a payday loan would be when you know that you can pay it plus the interest as soon as possible and the wrong time would be when you impulse do it or when you can’t pay for it. Don’t bury yourself in debt. It is not worth it.




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This Is How You Can Make Money Blogging




This is a mini, easy to understand guideline on how you can make money through blogging. Don’t believe it? I’m sure there are a lot of bloggers out there who can testify that this is true. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers get amazing soonsorships to travel to a different countries, promote a brand, and even get invited to certain private events.







Blogging is very fun especially if you enjoy spending lots of time in front of a computer. However to make your blog posts interesting one of the things that you must do would be to explore the world. It is a great outlet for people to want to keep their memories digitalized too.





Personally, I enjoy blogging and reading blogs. I get to share to the world what I know and at the same time, I also get to learn more about different types of people and their experiences. But how much does an average blogger make? And if I want to earn money what should I do?





First and foremost, you should have your own blog. Most bloggers would advice that you get your own domain. It might cost you, yes, but don’t all hobbies? Think of it as an investment. Of course, if you aren’t ready yet, you can always go for those free hosting sites. Why don’t you try creating a blog or website at WordPress or Tumblr? You know, just to get a general feel to know if blogging is for you or not.





Now, I am not saying that it is a must but of course, having a website that is great to look at and easy to navigate around is beyond amazing. Not just for you, but for your readers as well. You’d want them to easily find stuff to read or videos to watch. Don’t give them a hard time looking for the next page button. You won’t want them to get impatient and just close the tab your website is at.




If you want to earn money, remember that your goal is to create a big following. If there are a lot of people who follow you and engage in your blog, then sponsorships and partners will be the ones to come knocking at your door. You won’t have to beg them to take a look at your blog because then, they havr probably been eyeing you for some time now.





But how do blogger earn? Bloggers earn when a certain brand makes contact with them to promote a product. Sometimes a blogger gets gift certificates or money for a sponsored post, and you get to try the product that they want you to promote for free. There are also some travel agencies who partner with bloggers to promote tourism in their country. They give you a free ticket to visit their country, along with hotel or hostel expenses, I believe. Amazing right? And all you have to do would be to share what happened in your blog while you were away.




And third, bloggers can also earn when they place advertisement banners around their website. Depending on your advertisement partner, you can earn money every time a reader sees or clicks on the advertisements on your website.



Easy? Yes, it is! The factor in this business however goes back to how credible you are as well. You may have a lot of followers but if they don’t believe what you say in your blogs or are just following you for the heck of it, then you will be having a hard time convincing them to try a certain product that you are promoting. That is why some bloggers say that owning a blog and wanting it to earn money is hard work. You don’t just sit down and write whatever! Each post has to be well thought of and planned.



One thing that you must focus on when you are starting is your credibility. People have to believe that you are worth following, that what you are writing in your blog are correct. Fact checking is important for a blogger! Just don’t put your credibility in line.






• DON’T CREATE A POST THAT TAKES TOO LONG TO READ. A 10,000 WORD POST MAY BE TEMPTING TO DO ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN THE MOOD TO WRITE BUT DON’T DO IT. What you can do is you can cut your long post into three separate posts. This will help keep the readers engaged and at the same time keep them coming back for more. Hopefully, this will also increase your traffic.



• DO ADD PICTURES OR VIDEOS IF YOU CAN IN YOUR BLOG POST. They are not necessary but they do help. You can also take this chance to pin the picture at websites such as Pinterest to help promote it.



• DO REPLY TO COMMENTS AND TALK WITH YOUR READERS. Nobody likes a snob. Think of your readers as customers in your shop. Would you snob a customer? Of course you won’t!



• BE SURE TO SHARE YOUR POST TO DIFFERENT SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. How will people go to your blog if they don’t know it exists? Every time you post something new, share it on Facebook or Twitter.






• USE SMART KEYWORDS. Have you ever heard of SEO? It is making use of the search engines. You need to place keywords in your posts — related keywords so that Google can easily pull up your blog whenever someone searches the internet for something using your keywords.



For example, you wrote a blog post about cheap baking products you can buy at Sydney. Your keywords would be “cheap baking products Sydney”. So whenever someone searches for that, Google will easily pull up your blog and put it on the first page of the search results. This increases the chances of the individual who searched to check out your blog.




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Did You Lose All Your Money In Gambling?

Here is a confession between you and me, there was once a time that I lost all my money on gambling. Imagine losing all your hard-earned money in just a few seconds. Earlier that night, you enter the casino feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. You just had a great feeling about how this night would go, and in your mind that would be you walking out with millions of dollars.



What will you spend it on? Will you buy a new house? A new car? How about a yahct? You’ve always wanted a yatch. Maybe you will put up a foundation to help the poor and give back. Maybe you will go on a vacation around the world for a year.




Sadly as the night came to an end, your expectations doesn’t seem to match your reality. You hear someone ask you if you want to continue. All you have left is 1,500 US Dollars. Are you going to bet all of it? Or just go home? Go home with that amount? What about your million dollars? You find yourself saying that you are going to bet it all. You hear a collective gasp of doubt around you and you try to sound confident with your decision as you say, “Go home or go big, right?”



In the next few seconds, you feel cold sweat forming in your palms. It’s over! You lost! With your head bowed down and shoulders slumped, you walked away from the table. You have lost everything. The money you worked hard for months were all lost in a night. What will you do tomorrow? You are broke. Earlier that night, you walked inside the casino with a heart full of hopes but at the end of it all, you walk out with empty pockets and a heart full of regret.





However, the next week you find yourself trying again. This time, you will win that million  dollars. If this is you, stop and ask yourself if this is really worth it? Are you addicted to gambling?



If your answer is a resounding “yes”, then this is for you. Here are a couple of tips on how to avoid the dangerous habit of gambling.



  • ACTIVELY STAY AWAY FROM CASINOS AND FRIENDS WHO ENJOY GAMBLING. That is the best way you can avoid losing money. You can’t lose money if you won’t join in the first place.  If you can’t seem to avoid it without any external help, don’t be ashamed to ask from support from your friends and family.
  • KEEP YOURSELF ACTIVE AND BUSY. If you stay idle for too long you might get the itch to go visit the casino even for just an hour or so. Believe me, you won’t be getting out that establishment for another two hours or so. If you feel the strong urge to go gambling, make yourself busy with a movie or go bake, plant, hike, or do whatever that will keep your mind off it. If you go back, you will find yourself hooked again. Just don’t let that happen.
  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW. Keep your mind active by forming other healthy habits like planting trees, painting, trekking, or hiking. It will keep your body in shape, your wallet safe, and your mind busy which is the most important thing. Idle minds tend to wander.



There is nothing wrong with gambling if you know how to control yourself. However, if you are a compulsive gambler, there is no shame in asking for professional help. How will you know if you are a compulsive gambler?


  1. You want to increase and increase the amount that you gamble to be able to achieve the same level of thrill. You used to gamble ten dollars and you were okay with it. It got you excited but as time went on, gambling ten dollars has lost its luster. You start increasing the amount to twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, until you can’t afford it anymore.
  2.  The money you lost in gambling doesn’t deter you from gambling again. We call this chasing your losses. It doesn’t work. You just lose more money in the process.
  3. You find yourself having no choice but to steal, lie, hurt people just to get money to gamble.
  4. You put important relationships, jobs, school, and work opportunities in line just so you can gamble.
  5. You constantly find yourself asking help from others to bail you out of the hole you have dug yourself into because of your gambling.


Gambling is a fun recreational activity as long as it stays like that. Light gambling can be a fun to do and can be a bonding experience between people involved. Remember, if you want to join a gamble, just be sure to set a loss limit and know when to get out. People with a compulsive gambling habit can be spotted because they are the ones who keep on playing with the goal to recover the money they had lost. Note that this behavior becomes destructive over time.



Remember, the best way to avoid this would be to not start at all.



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Not Making Enough Money To Pay The Bills? Here Are A Few Tips That May Help

With the sky rocketing prices of today’s necessities, it is no surprise that most of us are not making enough money to pay the bills, so here are a few tips that may help solve your problem. If you are an adult who is responsible for paying the bills and for supporting other people, I’m sure you’d agree with me that making money is ~hard~ work. Gone are the days were we just receive allowance from mom and dad without having to lift a finger. Those were the days, right?



Nowadays if you want to save up, you have to be creative in doing so. One simple solution to this would be to find a second job. “SECOND JOB?!” You exclaim, “I ALREADY HAVE TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE WITH MY FIRST JOB!” That may be so but is your first job covering all your expenses and leaving you enough to enjoy yourself? A method for extra income doesn’t have to be a job, it can be a hobby or something you are passionate about. At least then that won’t feel like you are working.



○ CRAFTS – Some people just have talented hands and a hyperactive imagination that allows them to create things. Not everyone has that so if you do, don’t let it go to waste by giving your services for free. You don’t need to charge super expensive, just something fair and affordable for a start. You can turn to Pinterest or YouTube for some DIY tips and tutorials. It really depends on the type of skill that you have. For example, if you are good at calligraphy (which seems to be a big hit now), you can offer your services in making personalized invitations or thank you cards. If you are good at making jewelry, you can try that too. Or you can also open art seminars or classes. It doesn’t have to be for a whole semester, just a few hours focusing on one subject will do.



○ WRITING – If you enjoy writing, find some freelance jobs online. If you are worried that it might conflict with your first job, there are one time offers that you can apply for. How will you get paid? There are online money transferring services like Paypal so it’s pretty convenient. Did you know that Wattpad actually pays you? It depends on how many readers you have on a particular story. Anyway, everytime a reader watches an ad while reading your story, you get paid. It is a little hard to get your story noticed on Wattpad though. It might take time but you can also create your own blog. A blog is like an online magazine that is being run by one person. What a challenge! Can you manage a blog?



○ BAKING/COOKING – If you are good at this particular set of skill, why not share it with the world by catering or selling boxes of your baked goodies? Don’t be shy! People love to eat. If want to improve on this, just keep practicing. You can also take online cooking classes. Just like in the crafts, you can invite young teens to a mini cooking class.


○ VIRTUAL ASSISTANT – Please reconsider if you are already super busy with your first job. Virtual assistants are usually packed or thinking about the smallest things. What does a virtual assistant do? Well, you do typing, booking, and scheduling with your boss. Most would say that being a virtual assistant is easy, but you always have to be on the look out if your those busy days the boss needs your full attention.



○ WALK DOGS – Dogs are fun and they need to take daily walks. If you know someone who is extremely busy with work then you can approach them and offer your services. Don’t consider this job if you don’t like animals. You can also babysit the dogs while their masters’ are away. Remember in Marley and Me? The dog had a baby sitter who gave up on Marley cause he was too naughty.



○ YOGA CLASS – Yoga’s popularity is higher than ever. Even kids have yoga classes. Ask around your office or neighborhood and offer a yoga class. Of course, only do this when you actually know how to do yoga. I personally don’t.



○ MAKE VLOGS – People are dying to be entertained. Everyone wants to watch something or read something. If you have a talent for producing videos or editing, you may want to create an account on YouTube. If a video from you gets 10,000 views, YouTube will be paying you. What will you Vlog about? Research what’s trending or what your interests are and build a small supportive community.



○ BABYSIT – Do you love children? Help out a swamped couple take a break by taking good care of their baby or kids. They need their break or date night and you need your money. Be careful about taking care of kids though. They are very hyper like a giant ball of boucing energy.



○ TUTOR ENGLISH ONLINE – There are a lot of people who are willing to learn English at a price! If you have extra time and you feel confident about your English, why not sign up as a teacher at some online tutorial class? You won’t have to leave your house (aka you can get house work done and bond with kids) and usually, companies allow you to work on your own time.




○ DO SOME PAID SURVEYS – There are websites who pay you cash or gift certificates for every survey that you finish. Yes, just answer a quick survey usually about products and you can have some instant cash.




And there you have it! There are some more but we will talk about the more complex things next time.


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