Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

In my own opinion, women are the easiest people to buy gifts for. It is a fact that when you go around the mall, there are a lot of things that are more let’s say… “Women friendly”. There’s just a lot of options to choose from. We have your shoes, bags, dresses, shirts, hats, make up, stuffed toys, gift certificates, and other things. It is just endless, especially if you know what the interests of the woman in your life are.


First rule of gift giving I believe is to know who you are going to give a gift for. If it’s your mom, your sister, your friend, your cousin, or your significant other, it is important that you know what she likes. After all for women, it is the thought that counts. No, really. We’ve heard stories of how women gushed to her friends after their partner gave them an expensive yet inaccurate gift.


“Look at what he gave me,” she would say, looking like she was about to burst into tears. “I’m not sure he knows me at all. This isn’t something I like at all.”


Aside from that, if it’s your significant other, it is just important that you are aware of what she likes. It somehow indirectly says how much you are invested in her and your relationship. Anyway, moving on, like I said, because there are so many choices in the market, it is important that you know what the woman in your life is interested in and you can start from there.



If she has five or more pets, enjoys animals, enjoys watching funny cat videos, and gushes about animals 80 per cent of the time, there is a big chance that she is an animal lover. DO NOT GET HER FUR OR ANY PRODUCT THAT PROMOTES ANIMAL CRUELTY.  If you are thinking of getting her make up, check the label and make sure that it says “Animal Cruelty Free”.

If she has a pet, you can get her something that resembles her pet.

Take a look at these cute dog mugs on Amazon.


Or something that her pet can use… like a bed for her dog or a scratch post for her cat.







Now, some women might take this sensitively so to be safe, buy kitchen stuff for women who actually enjoy cooking or baking. You don’t want to get into the whole “Women don’t belong in the kitchen” argument.


Make her work easier for her by giving her this slicing assistant.


I believe cute pots are always welcome.

Maybe some baking supplies?


If she enjoys exercising, yoga, or being ACTIVE… You won’t go wrong with these!

She’ll look cute while working out, and you’ll enjoy watching. Win win!

Another idea would be a cute yoga mat, or cute candles to set the mood during meditation.


One no fail gift would be a cute polaroid camera. Most women I know dig this!


Or a PORTABLE photo printer!





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