Christmas Gift Ideas For Toddlers

It isn’t really hard to buy gifts for toddlers, most would be happy with a new toy. However the sad part about that is that they will probably get lots of toy gifts this Christmas, you don’t want to give a gift that will be easily forgotten and thrown away. I’m sure you’d want a toy that’s worth your money and will be able to hold the toddler’s attention for at least a few months. Let’s face it, they move on to another toy so fast.

The best part about the month of November is the Pre-Christmas sales happening around us. The sad part is that we might have to opt for online shopping to make sure we are safe from the SARS-COV-2 virus. That doesn’t mean this Christmas is going to be any less special. Let’s try to make the most out of it and make it a Christmas to remember.


One important thing to remember when buy a toy for a toddler is that it should be fun but at the same time, they should be learning something.


1.) My First Crayola Touch Lights, Musical Doodle Board

PRICE: 24.99 USD

This is a sensory toy good for toddlers 2 years and above. This can be any parent’s friend as it is portable and mess-free! Two words that can make any parent happy. It is safe for kids and because it is seal, it doesn’t make a mess. The toddler can also use it over and over again. Please note though that it needs batteries. The child can enjoy drawing and listening to tunes. Not to mention that it will be attractive to toddlers because of the lights as well.


2.) BFUNTOYS Construction Set

PRICE: 27.99 USD

The set comes with 246 pieces that can help your child pretend to be a carpenter or a repair person. You will see common tools like a wench, drill, saw nuts, and building pieces that will surely excite the child! This toy promotes role-playing and also polishes fine motors skills, creativity, and imagination.


The set is made from eco-friendly and child-friendly materials. It contains 4 baskets, 4 drawers, and 8 small hooks.



3.) VTEch KidiBeats Drum Set

If your toddler likes to smash things and hit things, he might find this drum set fun! Let him hit something that makes sounds instead of your tables.

PRICE: 17.99 USD


This drum has three drum pads and cymbals with their own unique sound. It will surely tickle your child’s interest. Please note that you need batteries for this to work properly. The child can also play sounds like the alphabet using the drams or make his own beat with freeplay.


4.) ORRENTE Magnetic Building Blocks

PRICE: 29.99

Somehow different and the same with the usual building blocks. This one is magnetic which allows the child to create anything from balls to castles. Through this toy, the child will be able to recognize and differentiate colors from each other and also learn about different types of shapes. The adult can easily join in too. And because of their flat shape, you can easily store them.



5.) 5 PC Kids Ball Pit Tent And Tunnel

Price: 64.85 USD

If you really want to keep your child busy and active, you may want to consider this one. This will be like an obstacle course that your child will surely enjoy crawling around in. The material is light and durable. It is easy to store too.




Plus, you can play this one outside and inside.



Have a great day! And remember, it is the thought that counts. 🙂

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