Most of us are stuck at home, probably trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit despite all the weird things that have been happening all around us. Our fun Friday nights have turned to a slow burn Friday wherein we have to find entertainment at home and call our party friends via Zoom calls. The magic of being around each other has now dimmed. However, despite the cons, it is good to remember that the pros of being healthy and alive do outlive the cons.  Moving on, if you are running out of movies to watch, here are some you should try. Just in case you haven’t watched them yet, or you want to re-watch them.



If you have little kiddies at home, this is one of the best movies to watch with them. It’s fun. It’s funny. And it will help open their eyes to the meaning of Christmas. The Grinch is played by Jim Carrey, who lives on a mountain top all by his lonesome self by choice. He hated Christmas and wanted it to not come.



2. HOME ALONE series

The best thing about this is the combination of a great family fun and engaging characters. It’s very wholesome but you may want to remind your children not to pull any of the pranks they see in the film in real life. This movie is probably something you already watched when you were little but it’s worth re-watching just for the LOLs.


3.) The Holiday

If you are looking for something more on the romantic side to watch with your significant other, this is a movie that you should consider. The story centers around two woman name Amanda and Iris, who live in Los Angeles and London respectively. Tired of how their lives were going, they decided to switch homes for a holiday. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star in this movie so it’s sure to be good for a light romantic comedy film.



Something for the kids! This is just a short movie though, roughly around 30 minutes. You could put this on before you guys head to bed so you won’t need to stay up too late but still give the kids something to watch.


5.) The Princess Switch 

A light, romantic comedy that you should watch with your family or with your girl friends. Vanessa Hudgens plays a Princess and a Pauper who decided to switch. What could go wrong right?



6.) Krampus


If you are looking for something scary or at least suspenseful, Krampus is something that should be on the list. It is a comedy horror film that was out in theaters in the year 2015. Due to the constant quarrelling of his family, a young boy named Max loses his Christmas spirit. He gets angry and isn’t interested in celebrating Christmas anymore. Due to this, the family unintentionally awakens the wrath of Krampus. Warning: not for children.


7.) Last Christmas

If you enjoyed Game of Thrones and Crazy Rich Asians, then you should check out this movie. This is about a young woman named Kate, who works as an Elf in an all year Christmas shop. She isn’t exactly the festive kind, but then she meets Tom, who reminds her to keep looking up. However there seems to be a mystery around Tom that she can’t seem to figure out what.


8.) The Polar Express

Another Santa movie, but hey, it’s Christmas! We might be seeing him for a while. The movie centers around a young boy who wakes up in the middle of the night and boards a train headed to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.



Whatever movie you choose just make sure you have you snacks within reach! Have a happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

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