Connection Despite the Distance

As of the moment, there is still the looming dangers of COVID-19 around the world. In 2021, it seems that we are still facing the same thing that we have faced in 2020. Even though the vaccine is well and on its way, not a lot of people have receive the shot and many are still wary of it. I know many of us are scared of the side effects, and it doesn’t help that we have conspiracies floating around the internet that adds fear in the hearts of people.


How do we stay connected with our loved ones during this prolonged forced distancing? Lucky for us, we have our computers and video calls to keep ourselves updated with our family and friends, but sometimes they don’t feel like they are enough right? We all long for that connection, that touch, and the warmth of a long tight hug. However, it is important to remember that our safety is of utmost importance. Many people are still skeptical about the virus but it is also a fact that many people have already lost their lives because of it. In the end, it is better to be safe than sorry. Let’s stop the spread.


Don’t let the loneliness get to you. There are absolutely so many ways to get connected to family and friends during this time.

1.) COMMUNICATE CONSTANTLY. Since that’s the only thing we can do as of the moment, let your loved ones know you are always there. There could be times that our words will get miscommunicated and may cause misunderstandings but that is why it is important that we know how to properly express ourselves so the other person can understand. If adding an emoji helps, then do it.

If you aren’t a good texter, then you can opt to connect via voice call or video call.

And another important thing, if there is a misunderstanding, be sure to clear it up as soon as you can so no bad feelings will fester between you and your loved ones.


2.) FIND A WAY TO HANG OUT WHILE APART. You can watch a movie together. Have you heard of Netflix party? Or the application called Rave? You should try it out. If you are in a relationship. planning a date night helps. Make sure each date night is special. Prepare food, prepare the movie you will watch at the same time, and dress up. Don’t worry, this can be for special occasions like an anniversary or a special date for the two of you.


3.) CHECK IN. Talking and talking is great, but sometimes you really have to set aside time to really check in. How are you feeling? How are things going these days? What’s troubling you?


4.) REASSURANCE. Reassure your partner or loved ones that you are always there for them. You are within reach and you can be easily contacted when they need anything.



Know that this ins’t forever. Every day that passes is another day closer to things getting back to normal again. Have a great day!

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