Finding Passion and Purpose

Passion is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion”, while purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.  It is such a beautiful thing when your passion and your purpose merges into one. Imagine being a person who enjoys making music, like me, and actually makes a career out of it. Everyday you wake up doing the thing you love, the thing that ignites a fire in your soul, and send shivers down your spine. Every single day, you wake up and you can’t believe how lucky you are – to do the thing you love and be able to make a living out of it. It’s amazing! You keep pinching yourself to check if this is all just a dream that you will eventually wake up from.


But what people seldom talk about is the burn out that comes with it. The feeling of being trapped, doing what you love every single day and yet feeling so exhausted from it. There’s nothing else you can imagine yourself doing, and you know you are one of the lucky ones, but you can’t help but feel that you need a break. You need to escape for a while, and do something else. Let me tell you: It’s fine. It’s normal. It’s human to feel this way. In fact, a break might be just something that you might need. A break to refresh your mind and your soul, to give you rest and let you recharge, so you can bounce back better and stronger, to fix the inspiration or idea light that keeps on flickering.


It’s okay to remember that we need to step back and doing so does not mean that we aren’t grateful for the path that we have. We are grateful and we want to give it our best by taking a break.


Here are some ways you can take a quick break:

  • Read a book that you are interested in.
  • Go online window shopping.
  • Go out and have a quick walk in the park.
  • Meet with friends and family.
  • Keep yourself busy with things other than your work for a few days.
  • Go have a quick vacation somewhere else.
  • If you can’t go anywhere far, a staycation at a local hotel would be nice too!
  • Catch up on TV shows you missed!
  • Eat out
  • Enjoy some alone time
  • Take some time to reflect
  • Find a new hobby!
  • Go to the beach or go on a hike!
  • Start gardening.
  • Walk around the town or city, find out what’s new.
  • Go on a museum.
  • Join a cause.
  • Try meditation and yoga
  • Meet new people and learn their stories. You might go home inspired.
  • Listen to new music.


Whatever it is that you need to do, make sure that it will relax you! And don’t pressure yourself too much! You are doing the best that you can. Enjoy it, and don’t be guilty to take a break.  Have an awesome day! Stay inspired!

2 thoughts on “Finding Passion and Purpose”

  1. Great post on dealing with burnout! I love all your suggestions on how to take a break from the passions that can consume us. It is good to focus on ourselves and relaxation from time to time, it Refreshes us as well so we can get back to our passions with renewed vigor.


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