Get Started On Your First Youtube Video!

I’m sure that once in a while the thought of making your own Youtube channel has crossed you mind. If you have a passion for being in front of the camera, talking, and creating content, this is a platform that you may want to check out. You’ve probably spent time on Youtube, watching endless videos in the suggestion corner, and you wonder, “How hard could it be?”


If you are ready to record your first ever Youtube video, here are some tips that you may want to consider.



Before you push that record button, know what you want to say. Make a script if you want, but don’t read it like a robot while recording. No one wants to watch someone who is obviously reading something. Don’t just rant on. Figure out the main points of what you want to say. For example, you want to share about your day at work. Tell your viewers what you do at work, and what makes it interesting that you had to make a video about it.

Please avoid just blabbering and jumping from one topic to another. Stick to your chosen topic, and try to make it as lively as possible so it won’t be boring to watch.




Where will you take your video? Check you background. Don’t take your video with a messy backgrounds. Tidy up your laundry. Keep you drawers closed. Remember, the whole world might see your video (if it goes viral) and I’m not sure you want your viewers to think that you are untidy. A good suggestion would be to choose a plain background or a plain wall in your home.




You may think this doesn’t matter, but it does. The right angle of light can make you look great in the camera, but a harsh light may not make the video flattering for you. Position your light a few meters away from you.




How will you take the video? Will you use your phone or will you invest in a good camera? If you really want to do good and provide quality content, buying a great camera would be the right choice. You have to be sure, though since you’ll be spending money on it.




The best position would be from your head to torso. Please note how close the camera is to your face. You don’t want the video to be just a close up of your face. Head until below your breasts is okay.




As much as you want to record and record, please don’t let the video take too long. 30 minutes is okay, but 45 minutes to one hour is too long.




If you have no idea how to do this, you may want to look into it. There are easy applications or softwares that you can easily learn. Transitions, putting captions, and adding music are a few things that you have to learn.


You are almost ready! Be sure you have your own Youtube Channel that you will use to upload your videos. Don’t be shy and be ready to share your video to the world via social media. And good luck!


Drop your video below so we can see it! Have a great day!

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