Glory And Respect - Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg

Glory And Respect (Video Lyrics)- Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg

3 thoughts on “Glory And Respect (Video Lyrics)- Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg”

  1. Wow Kendrickk!! I’m impressed. I agree that music can really lift someone up and get them ready to have a good time, it can get others through trough times. You’ve got that down completely. I’ll be able to in just a few short years say, “Hey! I know him!” You really did a great job putting this website together, I especially like the picture of someone’s eyes on the front page. Is that you? You can tell a lot about a person’s eyes. Great job!

    1. Kendrickk SuperStarr Youngg

      Thanks Rae! Yes music has all kinds of effects on people. It can improve their current state and it can also inspire change. It all depends on the person. It has also helped me in many ways. & Yes that is me on the front page. 

  2. Hi, thanks for your amazing post, so refreshing to see someone writing to inspire others! The next time I’m feeling down, I’m going to head to your website again. I do hope you continue posting often. The internet is full of boring stuff, so it’s great to stumble upon a site like yours.

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