Good Habits to Form This 2021

2020 is finally over but some things and habits we have developed last year should be carried over to this year. As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, in fact, it just seems to be getting worse. A new variant has been found which is said to be even more infectious that the SARS-COV-2 that we all know by now.  You’d think with the vaccine coming through, good news and finally the quarantines and distancing would be ending. Probably not yet. We can all hope and pray though. So instead of focusing on the bad stuff, let’s just use our efforts to better ourselves this year by forming good habits. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.

Some good habits to form this year:

  1. Washing hands before eating, before and after preparing food, after using the toilet, after going outside, after handing animal food, after washing or changing a baby’s diaper, and after throwing trash.
  2. Eating healthy. Health is wealth, especially during this season.
  3. Drinking vitamins.
  4. Exercising! One of the great things about working from home would be convenience but this convenience I believe has caused some of us to be lazy. So stand up and make sure you get to move your body and exercise at least three days a week.
  5. Taking a shower as soon as you arrive home after going outside or to crowded places. Better safe than sorry!
  6. Wiping or washing your groceries or stuff you purchase from the store.
  7.  Separate clothes you used outside and wash them separately from your house clothes.
  8. Maintain a routine even at home.

These habits are not only good for us but will also help keep us safe.

Have a great year! Let’s survive this one as well.

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