Good Things That Happened This 2020!

Correct me if I am wrong but we are all looking for entertainment, especially being stuck at home most of these days. This year just seemed to have zoomed passed all of us, but as bleak and challenging this year has been, I’m sure there have been some good things that happened. And because of the simple reason that the year is almost coming to an end, I thought this was a great time to stop and take a quick look back at some of the good things that happened this year. For some, it might now outweigh the bad things that happened, but good is still good.


Life might not be where you want it to be right now. Your big plans for this year may have been spoiled, but you being alive means that those plans still have a huge chance of becoming a reality. You can still alter the course of your life and make it better.

We just have to survive this year, so we can have a chance to make things better.


Being stuck indoors have caused people to buy lots of indoor plants. The sales of indoor plants have been booming and people have been seen caring for their plants more. I hope this has a worldwide effect and inspires people to do more for the betterment of the planet’s environment.


With regards to nature, ever since lockdowns have started and people have stayed at home more, nature has somehow started to heal. The parks have grown lusher, and animals have started to have more peace without the people being there all the time. It’s good, and it counts.


Boredom increases creativity, I believe. People have become bored and stagnant at home that they have gone into baking, cooking, and selling their delicious creations online! I know that I have been ordering food online a lot this year. Plus there are tons of free delivery on online orders going on now.


While we were stuck at home, Elon Musk just made history with his company, SpaceX. The Crew Dragon was finally launched last May 30 and has sent astronauts into space. What makes this historic is that SpaceX is a commercial company. This has created wonderful opportunities for the private sector. We may be on Mars sooner than expected!


Yes, another effect of people staying more inside their homes.



So, don’t lose hope! We will get through this. The vaccines are being developed and soon enough we will have a vaccine that works, with no side effects. Everything will be back to how it was before, but maybe even a little better because we have learned something from this pandemic. Let’s take care of our Earth. It’s the only one we have. Have a greay day! 🙂

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