Google Adsense: Can You Make Money With It

Maybe you’ve heard that many people have been using Google Adsense, but the real question is whether you can make money with it or not. Money may not be everything that matters but it helps us provide the needs of those who do – ourselves, our families, our friends, and even our friends. In a way, the saying “Money makes the world go around” holds some kind of truth, but that’s not really a reason to neglect other important things in our lives like our family and ourselves. That’s the reason why a lot of people nowadays turn to the internet for income. Not only will they be able to receive a decent amount of pay, but they will be able to spend time with family and friends.


Google understand this and thus they have created Google AdSense to make the lives of internet masters or website masters easier. “What is Google  Adsense?” You ask. Google AdSense is a free tool from Google that you can add to your website. How does it work? Google AdSense or sometimes it can be simply called as AdSense is an advertising placement service too that is give to you for free by Google. The program has been designed for website publisher or owners who desire to  display targeted text, video, and even image advertisements on website pages and earn money when website visitors view or click the ads. This is one of the ways a blogger or a website owner can earn some revenue on his or her website. You must have a lot of traffic going in and out of your website if you want to earn big using this.


What are the benefits that you will receive using AdSense?


First you will be able to customize your website the way you want it to. Aside from customization, you will also be able to control your website more easily. You will be able to change the look and overall feel of the advertisements that will be seen in your website, and you will also be able to specify where you want the ads to appear.  The tool will also help show advertisements that  are relevant to your users with the feature called automatic targeting. You can choose from a variety of ad sizes and formats. It also comes with an option to block certain advertisements if you want to.

With Google AdSense, you will have an “assistant” that is easily accessible. The system will offer you some personalized recommendations as you continue to grow and expand your online business. Even if you feel like you know very little about online marketing, the Help center and online learning tools that this system has to help you learn how to set up and run your account successfully.

You will also be receiving reports about your websites performance so you can have an idea how your website is going. With this reports, hopefully you will be able to understand more about your ad performance and identify opportunities on which your website will be able to grow. You will make the final decisions, of course, not Google AdSense. After all, it is your website.

What makes AdSense different and Unique compared to other advertising networks?

It is able to deliver easy to read and relevant advertisements that will surely catch the interest of your viewers. You will also have a leverage against other since AdSense is from Google, and Google is a search engine that ranks websites. Google is basically the foundation of AdSense.

You won’t go wrong with AdSense.


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4 thoughts on “Google Adsense: Can You Make Money With It

  1. The article mentions that google ad sense will be for websites with a lot of traffic. Can you explain how many people you should have daily coming to your website before it makes sense to apply and get.
    You also mention that google ad sense allows you to customize what ads run. Can you explain how long the ads are in length and how many different options you will have to choose from?

    1. Most people say you should implement this method once you are getting over 100 organic views a day on your website. Some may say 1,000. It is really a numbers game. You are bound to get a high click through rate with a lot of traffic oppose to getting like 50 views a day.

      As far as ad sizes, 320*100, 300*250, and a responsive ad are the ones that I use. You have more options than that of course. I use these sizes mainly because they work great with mobile as well. You could get all responsive ones if you are unsure about ad placement and it would work out ok. Just play with it and see what works best for you.

  2. I believe our society and the way it has been set-up has made money important but I couldn’t agree more while it should be important it does provide the things needed for what is important, us!

    Google Adsense is a great way to create revenue from your site, if you have a site why not make some extra money from it or even a living and there is no better way than targeted marketing!

    What has been your success rate with Google Adsense?

    Great article, thanks!

    1. Certainly! Well for me, my success rate has gotten a whole lot better than when I first started. I now get enough traffic to supplement multiple sites. If anyone wants to get started with adsense, they will need to get a lot of traffic first.

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