Hang On – Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg


4 thoughts on “Hang On – Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg

  1. Nice song Kendrick! Solid effort brother.

    From what I heard it is a very inspirational song with some nice lyrics! The only criticism I really had with it was your flow and rhyme with the beat. At times you where out of time and trying to fit lots of words into every couple of beats.

    Take a breathe brother and think about how you can find a beat or separate your words in a way to maintain that beat.
    Keep it up man doing good!

    1. Appreciate it Jeremy! I hope to get better as I keep trying everyday. I am still new to making beats but I am getting better with that as well. Still trying to improve every chance I get. Thanks for the feedback. 

  2. Nice beat, love the snare sample and hat syncopation. Interesting style of rapping, sounds like your half rapping and half reading a poem. Lyrics are nice and inspiring and is a nice deviation form whats on the radio these days. It has a cool vibe of putting you in a warm trance.

    1. Thanks man. Every time I listen to it, I think the same thing. It is a great feeling to create something and sit back and admire it. 

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