How Do I Get A Six Pack Fast?

Summer is almost here and the question that has been floating in most guys’ (and some gals) is: “How Do I Get A Six Pack Fast?”  Everyone wants to look good in a suitsuit or in swimming trunks. Everyone wants to flaunt their bodies or at least feel confident at the pool or at the beach. The goal is for you to look good, feel great, and be fit! But June is almost upon us… can you still have that drool-worthy six pack abs just in time for your beach trip?



Now, the main goal is for you to get the abs that you want in the shortest possible time but that doesn’t mean that we will neglect being healthy. So our first step would be to change your diet into something healthier. Let’s say, more protein enriched meals. What you eat is what you are as they say. So eating healthy green food makes you a healthy individual but being healthy doesn’t mean that you will limit your meals to green leafy vegetables. In order to get the six pack you have been desiring, you should incorporate protein in your meals to help your body build muscles. Not only will protein help build your muscles but it will also help burn any unecessary fats in your body. This is essential if you want those abs.


Where can you get protein? Lucky for all of us, most food that contain the highest levels of protein are delicious to eat. Here is a list of protein rich food:


1.) EGGS – Eggs are rich in albumin – the white part of the egg. Aside from that, an egg can also provide vitamins and antioxidants for the brain.

2.) CHICKEN BREASTS – Aside from the thigh part, the breats of the chicken are my favorite part. You can make them into nuggets, fry them, make soup out of them, and a lot more. Most would recommnend eating it without the skin so that all that will be left is protein. No more cholesterol. I would use the chicken skin for a little crispy snack. It isn’t that healthy though so let us stick with skinless chicken breasts.

3.) OATS – Unknown to most, OATS are also high in protein, not just fiber. They also provide magnesium, thiamine, and manganese.

4.) YOGURT – Something delicious and nutricious for you and me! But not just any yogurt, specifically this refers to greek yogurt which is strained yogurt.

5.) MILK – This is not only rich in calcium but also with muscle building protein. Milk is really healthy. It contains almost all the nutrients that the body needs.




And those are some food that you should take note of. As an alternative, there are also protein shakes available at certain stores. Be sure to check out your local malls or you can ask your fitness coach if he or she has a recommendation.



Now, let’s move on to exercises that will focus on building those abdominal muscles. The first one will be sit-ups, next crunches, and leg lifts. I’ve also heard that regularly doing planking is great. It also helps you lose unwanted fats in your lower stomach area. These may all seem boring if you keep on repeating them every single day so be sure to add a little extra like use a big ball or find a bench. A wonderful idea would be to find someone to do these exercises with. You can motivate each other to keep going and also keep track of each others progress.



Here are some routines that you can try:




Grab a mat you can lie in on the floor. I use a rubber yoga mat just cause I have one. Keep your feet planted on the floor, your knees up, and hands crossed over your chest. You can ask your exercise partner or coach to hold unto your feet as you do the exercise. If you don’t have anyone with you, just make sure that they are being held by something heavy. If I am alone, I use my bed. I simply slip my feet under it. It helps because the mattress is low on the ground but there’s just enough space for my feet to slip under it. Now gather your strength and sit up all the way. Make sure you are lifting your lower back. Make sure your back is straight!






You will still be lying on your back to the floor. You can position your arms over your chest or you can put your hands on your temples. Your choice! Feet planted on the floor, knees bent, and what you will do is raise your shoulders towards your knees using your abdominal muscles. It is kind of like the sit ups.


It may all be a little challenging at the beginning because your body isn’t used to it but as you start doing the exercise regularly, it gets easier.




With all that muscle building exercises, you are doing you will need to make room in your body for the muscles to grow so it is time to lose those unwanted fats. Staying active is a great way to lose fats. Ride a bicycle to work instead of riding a taxi. You will be saving transportation fare too. Go swimming during the weekends. Swimming also helps strengthen your core muscles.


Frequent small feedings is also a great idea! It helps your metabolism gain speed and helps take a little load off your intestines. Do not forget to snack healthy food! There are many recipes online that you can try out. Cliché but drinking a lot of water helps. Why do you think it’s advised by most? Also with all those exercises you have been doing, you are losing a lot of fluid so don’t forget to rehydrate.


Avoid sugary food and carbonated drinks. Avoid fastfood. And hey, guess what? Get the proper amount of sleep every night if you can. Remember not to stress too much as stress can cause weight gain.



Anyway, good luck!



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2 thoughts on “How Do I Get A Six Pack Fast?

  1. Informative article about getting six pack fast. I do agree what you stated here, eating healthily is different with building up muscle.

    From what you list down to eat for getting more protein are what I consumed daily basis except for Oat. I just hate oat flavor but perhaps I would just need to practice myself get used to it.

    Thanks for the list.

    1. Practice makes perfect or at least that is what they say. Seriously you can get used to just about anything with time. If you continue to eat oats you will get used to it. The taste may not be peasant at first but maybe if you try different flavors that would help.

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