How To Brand Yourself Online Properly

With lots of people turning to the internet to make money and create a name for themselves, it is important that one should learn how to brand yourself online properly. It is a very important move, one that you cannot just take lightly. There are many benefits (or purposes) for branding yourself such as allowing people or your readers to see your expertise as much as possible. Branding yourself also somehow makes it easier for other people in your industry like your co-bloggers, social media friends to easily know what you can offer and can’t offer. Here are some simple ways on how you can get started:


  • If you have your own website for your business or for yourself as a blogger, then it may be time to seriously consider getting your own domain. Here is a price at 99.00 US DOLLARS/Year
    .biz at 9.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .com at 9.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .coop at 269.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .info at 1.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .jobs at 154.95 US DOLLARS/Year
    .me at 9.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .mobi at 4.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .museum at 100.00 US DOLLARS/Year
    .name at 12.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .net at 8.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .org for 9.99 US DOLLARS/Year
    .tv for 29.99 US DOLLARS/Year

    Which one appeals to you most? Remember somehow it has to be related to what you are doing with your website. It would be inappropriate for you to get a “.tv” website when you don’t show anything media or video related. That would be considered in a way as deception to your customers which can lessen their trust in you. You would want them to see you as legit and professional, not the other way around.

  • Now, make sure that your website is free of clutter or unnecessary things. If you own a business related website, avoid posting emotional rants about your five year relationship. Just focus on what the blog is really all about – business.You can begin by making your own email signature, and also your own forum signature. Make sure to backlink your website in forums so people can easily see and go to your blog.
  • Get yourself out there. Don’t limit yourself to your blog, you can create a Facebook page but avoid using your own personal Facebook for this. You don’t want to let everyone who knows you into your personal private life. Instead you can create a page, and ask people to like or follow it if they want to get updates on your blog. Using your Facebook page, it would also be a lot more easier for you to share videos or previews of these videos (and say that they can see the whole video in your website) here. People who enjoyed your videos will also be able to share it on their walls, thus spreading the word about the existence of your blog. Make sure to update your Facebook page every now and then so it won’t be forgotten. The whole point here is that you should always be seen and remembered.
  • Twitter is also a great place to interact with people, just again don’t use your own personal Twitter account. In Twitter it’s easier to be updated with what’s currently trending and you can interact quickly with your customers, same with Facebook actually.Just don’t forget to link them back to your blog or else you won’t be getting a lot of views.

Sounds easy right? I’m sure that you can do it. If you want to use an avatar of yourself, make sure you look nice and your face is seen clearly. Put your best face forward.


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2 thoughts on “How To Brand Yourself Online Properly”

  1. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I totally agree with you Kendrick, branding yourself properly online will only get more and more important. I fear teens and twenty something year olds don’t yet realise that the tweets and posts they sending out now may come back to haunt them

    Everything we do has a digital footprint and those smart enough will be intentional about protecting their personal brand.

    Whether you’re an artist, speaker, consultant, or coach, you’re right, you shouldn’t limit your online marketing to your blog online. A blog is designed to be a part of your bigger online branding strategy.

    A great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Kendrickk SuperStarr Youngg

      People really should not post things that they would not want their kids to see. They should ask the question, “Do I want my kids to see this?” to themselves. If they can say no to it then they should not post it. At least that is what I think about what you said about it coming back to haunt them. If anyone is going to brand themselves they should do it correctly.

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