How To Control Your Emotions, Not The Other Way Around!

Most of us have been guilty of letting our emotions get the best of us. We say things we don’t really mean because we are angry. We hurt people through our actions and words just in the heat of the moment. We make impulsive decisions we deeply regret later on when we have calmed down. How many times has this happened to you? Manage your emotions before you find them managing your life instead.


When at their peak, emotions are really powerful. You can feel anger in your head, burning to your heart and even to the pit of your stomach. When you are anxious and worried, you feel like you can’t coordinate your hands and feet. You feel numb, nauseous, and light headed. It will also be your mood which can sometimes dictate how much money you spend. You feel happy and elated, there goes your money. You feel like a millionaire and you aren’t thinking about tomorrow.


So enough of that, it is time to turn the tables around. Your emotions have dragged you around for too long and now it is time to take control over them like the boss you are.


One thing that you have to remember is that emotions are only temporary and that they go away, but the things you do while you are high on whatever emotion you are feeling will probably be permanent or at least you will remember it for a couple or days.




Know what you are really feeling. Most people get angry and lash out, when in truth what they are feeling is hurt. They got hurt by something that happened and they try to hide it by acting angry and trying to hurt the person back.


Try to stay in touch with your feelings and understand why you feel the way you feel. When you are self-aware of why you feel a certain way, you have a greater chance of being able to control it and nip it away at the bud.




Now, I am not saying that you should keep your feelings hidden. You allow yourself to feel it. If you feel sad, then feel sad. Let yourself feel it and then slowly, when you are ready, let it go. Remember that emotions are temporary.


If you’re happy, then let yourself feel it too. However, think twice before making any permanent decisions or deciding on something big without thinking about it thoroughly beforehand. Make sure that the decisions you are making aren’t emotionally driven.



Since feelings are temporary, it is okay to feel them but don’t let them take control of the wheel. When you look at a situation, use your mind and look at it from a more realistic view.


How you perceive things affects how you feel. If you feel nervous and you keep doubting yourself, then how you present yourself will be affected. However, if you control your feelings, you can talk to yourself and keep yourself from feeling all that negativity.



If you do feel down and cranky, then let yourself do something that makes you happy. Personally, me, when I feel sad, down, or just in a cranky mood, I turn on Spotify and listen to some tunes. Read a book. Play a video game. You can also reach out to your friends and family and talk to them just to vent out your frustrations.



No matter what it is, always remember that you are the boss of yourself. So the next time you feel angry and you want to say mean things that you probably cannot take back, count to then or take a step back.



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