Years before, people have already been asking themselves on how to know if someone loves you. There are some who might think that knowing about someone’s affection for you is as easy as pie but the truth is that it’s really confusing. You’re lucky if someone will directly confess his or her true feelings for you but most of the time, that’s not the case. It’s so easy to say that we love someone but proving it takes a little bit more effort. “Actions are louder than words”, they say and it’s true but personally, I prefer words backed up with actions. It’s possible to be confused when someone’s being nice to you.



“Why is he or she doing this?”
“What does this mean?”
“Does he or she see me more than a friend?”
“Does he or she feel something for me or am I just putting meaning into his or her actions?”



If you have asked yourself questions similar to those above, then this article is definitely made for you. Love and relationships can get confusing because the people involved are confusing! No worries, hopefully with this guide, you will be able to get a clue on where you are currently standing. No one likes to be left alone in the dark. Just keep in mind though that not everyone is the same so what we have prepared here may not be applicable to your person of interest.



1. HE OR SHE MAKES AN EFFORT TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU. This can get a little confusing because there are some who just have nothing better to do or just considers you as a friend so they keep in touch. In my experience, those who loves us or those who are interested in us tend to ask questions about us, like “How have you been?”, “How was your day?”, and they are genuinely interested to know. No matter how busy someone is I’m sure he or she can find the time to send a text. It only takes a few seconds or less than three minutes to compose a text. Be watchful for those who get in touch with you to ask for a favor or those who gets in touch only after 10 PM and asks to meet up. You are not a booty call, even if you are a guy. I’ve also learned that those who are interested in us tend to be consistent when it comes to communicating. They don’t ghost or at least they let you know what happened or the reason why they won’t be able to talk with you. For example, “Hi, I’m so busy with work right now. I’ll talk to you when I can. Take care!” This is also great for you so that you’ll avoid looking at your phone every 2 seconds and wonder if you said something that turned them off.
2. HE OR SHE CARES ABOUT YOUR WELL-BEING. “Have you eaten?”, “Make sure to bring a jacket or an umbrella”, “Let me know when you have arrived home,” and “Be sure to take your vitamins” are a few examples of things someone who is thinking about you says. We have so many things to do in a day but it’s nice when someone takes time to think about how we are doing and to remind us to take better care of ourselves.
3. HE OR SHE GOES OUT OF THEIR WAY TO MAKE YOU HAPPY OR HELP YOU. I think this says a lot especially if they still do it even if it’s a little inconvenient for them.
4. HE OR SHE CARES ENOUGH TO SCOLD YOU. When my temper gets really bad, my previous partner would get angry too and argue hard with me. If course, this leads to more conflict. If I also do something irrational because of my temper, my previous partner would just leave me to do what I wanted. Before I honestly thought that it was because of love. It’s only fairly recently that I learned that it’s because they can’t be bothered enough to correct me. We always want the best for those we love, right? We don’t want people to say bad things about them behind their backs. Presently, my partner has been extremely patient and helpful when I make a mistake. It makes me want to be the best version of myself.
5. HE OR SHE RESPECTS YOU. Your opinion matters. It may be as simple as what color of shirt should he or she buy for a mutual friend or as big as where you guys will live. Point is before a decision is made, you are asked if what’s going to work for you. A sign that you are respected could also be that you are never kept in the dark. Your communication between one another is transparent. You know what’s up.
6. HE OR SHE IS AFFECTIONATE TOWARDS YOU. And this isn’t limited to just intercourse. It’s those little moments of holding hands, sitting besides each other with your legs grazing together, or simply holding their hand as they walk up the stairs.
8. HE OR SHE SACRIFICIES FOR YOU. It could be as small as eating in your favorite Japanese restaurant when he or she really wants some pasta and pizza or it could be as big as moving to your city so you could pursue your passion.
It’s nice to feel that someone loves us and cares for us, but the best way to know is if you ask them and observe if their actions can back up their words.

What other signs do you know? Or what specific thing or event made you sure that your partner really loves you?

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  1. This article on how to know someowne loves you is something I find great. I agree that Words without action may be misleading so someone who professes love must show some corresponding actions like frequent communication, caring about some needs, going an extra mile to get things or to get things done for you.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am glad that you found this article helpful. Everyone wants to know if they are loved by the people they love. Just like a job you have to actually work. You just can not say that to someone and not show them. When times gets tough you will see who will still be there for you no matter what may have happened.

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