How To Stay Sane During Home Quarantine

The infamous COVID-19, with the official name of SARS-COV-2, is an infectious disease that originated from Wuhan, China. As of July 4, 2020, there are more than 11 million cases across 188 countries and territories. A result of 525,000 deaths. The government is urging everyone to stay at home, maintain a social distance away from people of about 6 meters apart, and wear masks.


The common symptoms of those infected with COVID-19 are fever, dry cough, and tiredness, but there are also those who report aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis (pink eye), headache, loss of taste or smell, and a rash on the skin (most common: discoloration of fingers or toes, nicknamed “covid toes”).  It’s a little hard to know if someone near you has COVID-19 because there are some people who don’t show any symptoms at all. One sure way to avoid being infected by it would be to isolate oneself but humans being social creatures, it is quite understandable to find this challenging. After all, no man is an island.


Lucky for us, there’s technology that we can use to still maintain contact and socialize. Imagine if we were born around the times where there is still no internet and we would be relying on snail mail.


Here are some ways we suggest that can keep you sane while we are encouraged to stay at home.

  1. If you enjoy reading, catching up on your list of books to read or finding new books to read would be great to do during this time.
  2. Exercise. Now that we are stuck at home a lot, the temptation to sit down, eat, and watch TV, by the time the quarantine is over and we all go back to normal, most of our weights would have doubled. At home, we can still maintain our shape by doing home exercises. Jump ropes are fun, and so is getting into yoga. There are a lot of informative Youtube videos, and also online classes for yogas are available.
  3. Learn a new skill. As I said, there are a lot of online classes that you can take. There are even programming classes, web designing classes, art classes, and Do It Yourself classes that you can join.
  4. Schedule online catch-up sessions with your friends and family. There’s Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, and other social networking services that you can try.
  5. Once in a while, take a walk but make sure to practice social distancing, washing hands, and wearing of masks.

I understand that it is quite tiresome to be stuck at home, everyday is like a repetitive cycle. We all wonder when this pandemic would end and we could all go outside again and meet friends and family. However, as of the moment, it is best that we keep our distance so everyone can be safe, especially the young, old, and vulnerable. Let us not use the excuse that “humans are social creatures” to disobey quarantine rules, and social distancing rules. If we can’t do it for ourselves, let’s try to do it for those who are vulnerable to the pandemic.


Have a great day!

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