How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Ever since, many couples have unwillingly found themselves in a long distance relationship so if you are in the same situation right now, here’s a little something on how to survive a long distance relationship. Being in love is a great feeling! Everyday you feel like you are floating on cloud nine especially when things are going well for you and your lover. However, there are some couples who have to love each other from a distance but the miles between the two of you won’t really matter if you really want to be together. “Love conquers all”, they say. Consider yourselves lucky to be born at an age where there’s already the internet and technology available to connect people all over the world in just a few seconds. In the past, couples had to wait for days (some even months) just so their messages can reach the other party and then they’d have to wait again for the reply to arrive. Imagine how it must have been! Now, it is instant! You send a message to Bangkok from Canada and the receiver can read it in minutes or even in seconds. It’s like you are just beside one another.


If this is the case, it makes me wonder why there are still some long distance couples who break up? What is the secret to ensuring that your relationship is going to survive? So I gave it some thought but before I give you some advice or techniques I’ve gathered, let us check out the common reasons why long distance relationships fail.

POOR COMMUNICATION – For me, communication and openness is something that every couple should have or at least aim to have whether they are separated by distance or not. It’s hard to communicate when you live in different countries and time zones but don’t let it stop you. It’s not in the location or the time anyway, openness and clear communication is between the two of you. Most couples complain that they don’t have the time to really talk in their busy days. There are also some who said that in the long run communicating starts to become a chore.
LACK OF PHYSICAL INTIMACY – Most women I’ve asked didn’t mention this factor but the men I’ve asked did. Physical intimacy is very important for men. It’s how they show their love for their partner so having hundreds or even thousands of miles between the two of you can be really hard. You might see couples around you being all lovey-dovey, which can cause you to feel lonely. Even the simple act of holding hands is impossible for long distance couples.
NO TIME – Going back to the first factor we’ve mentioned here, it can be really hard to communicate if you are also busy with your everyday routine. You can be having exams and she could be preparing for a competition and it just leaves both of you too exhausted to even pick up the phone.
TRUST ISSUES – Poor communication can lead to greater disappointments if the expectations aren’t laid out clearly at the beginning and could also develop trust issues for one or both parties. If the man doesn’t reply immediately to the woman, then her thoughts may run amok. The downside of having fast internet is that when the person we are sending a message doesn’t respond at a duration of time acceptable to the sender, then he or she may be disappointed and may start to over think.


A close friend once told me that staying in love is a choice, and that we shouldn’t base our decisions on what we are currently feeling. Emotions are fleeting and they can easily change. To survive a long distance relationship, you must be determined to stay with the person that you are with no matter what. The truth is long distance relationships can be tiresome, especially those with timezone differences. It might already be night-time at your place but on her side of the world, she just woke up. You are already going to bed while she’s just getting out of it. How will you survive it?


1) SHARE A COMMON GOAL – Having a common goal can help you feel that you are connected and are looking at the same direction. It also helps make you feel like you are not alone. What goals? For example, you can both save up for a house, a wedding, or that dream vacation that you both want to take together. It will give you something to look forward to.
2) HAVE A DEADLINE – You can’t be in a long distance relationship forever. At some point, you will have to decide on how to carry on your relationship. Will the guy move to your city or will you be the one to move to his? Love requires sacrifices in the end, but being together and ending up together is the main goal.
3) DON’T STOP BEING ROMANTIC – Distance is already creating a strain on your relationship so don’t let the spark or excitement fade away. Never stop doing the little things that tickled your partner’s heartstrings. Make sure that he or she can feel your love miles away. Flirt with each other, not with other people.
4) BE HONEST – For me, the smallest details count. Be sure to tell your partner about your whereabouts and introduce them to your friends. By doing do, he or she will feel secured and loved despite the distance. It really helps when your partner is made aware of things so he or she won’t misunderstand or over think.
5) BE A GOOD LISTENER – Take time to talk to your partner, and also listen to any worries that he or she might have. Assurance is important in a relationship, long distance or not. It helps to know that your lover is still very much in love with you.
6) GIVE TIME – Time is important. It may be hard, but making your partner feel like you are there for him or her will bring you closer and it will be beneficial for your relationship.

They say that long distance relationships are for the bold so hold on tightly. Do not give up easily because at the end of the day, it will be worth it.


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