Importance Of Affection In A Relationship

Readers, let’s talk about the importance of affection in a relationship – romantically or not. What is affection? According to Meriam-Webster, affection is the feeling of liking and caring for someone or something. It could also mean having a certain fondness with someone like your parents or spouse.





Personally, it feels good to be in a relationship with someone who is affectionate. It is such a nice feeling to be cared for. How do people show affection? Is affection important to a man as it is to a woman? Let’s focus on affection between a man and a woman. Affection within families is important and I think everyone already knows that children enjoy having affectionate parents. However, sometimes in a relationship it can be different. How so? I’ve heard of couples who aren’t affectionate with each other but they show their love to each other in a different way. Does this mean that a romantic relationship can survive without affection?



If I personally answer that question, my answer would be no. Affection is not about what happens between the sheets but it is about what happens out of the sheets. How do we show affection? It is by holding hands, giving back rubs or hand massages, kissing on the lips or cheeks, hugging, and holding or cuddling. According to a study, a relationship without afffection is less satisfactory compared to a relationship with high affection between the couple. Some even went to say that the level of  affection in a relationship is directly proportional with how satisfied you will be in a relationship.



Curious, I asked some friends who were in a relationship about how important affection was in  their relationship. Note that the names have been changed.



“Oh, for me and Jim… it is not that important. We don’t hold hands… sometimes we hug but not really, personally I am not a hugger. I also do not enjoy being touched. There is just this mutual understanding between us that we love each other and we like each other enough to be hanging out. We have been going out for 6 years now… I think that says a lot. So no, I don’t believe affection is that important in a relationship. I love Jim. I really do. We broke up a few times and every time, I realize that there’s no guy out there for me.” A pause. “I think it really depends on the two people who are in the relationship if they’re affectionate or not. I don’t know if Jim wants me to be more affectionate since he had never bought it up but he knows me. He knows I ain’t the touchy type. Yes, we have sex once in a while. It’s not a regular thing. Somehow, my being not affectionate gives him some kind of assurance that I won’t cheat on him.” – Hannah, 24 year old.



“Yes, of course affection is important. It makes me feel assured that my boyfriend is still in love with me. I like hugs and holding hands. A little smack on the lips won’t hurt. Doing a little PDA outside the house also subtly announces to the world that we are both taken and crazy in love with each other. A couple who doesn’t touch or hug or kiss is just weird for me. Are you even together? Are you just friends who disguise yourselves as a couple so you won’t be subjected to looks of pity or to cringy blind dates? I think my boyfriend likes to be hugged and given back massages too. Boys like to be “babied” every now and then.” – Sarah, 27 year old.




In the end, is the importance of affection dependent on the personalities of those in a relationship? I guess so. Staying together or choosing to stay together could be another sign of affection. It is not all about touch. Affection could be wanting to be with that certain person at the end of a stressful day, or preferring their company over anybody elses. Affection could also be thinking of the other person and what they need before they need it. For example, a girlfriend who is having a rough day because of her period may be in need of a lower back massage or some chocolates so you give her coupons for a spa treatment. That could still be counted as affection.



You see, how a person grows up has a lot of influence on how he or she was brought up. If the child was raised by parents who were affectionate with each other and with the child, he or she will grow up thinking that affection between people who care about each other is normal. It is a way of knowing that you are loved. You pair that up with a child who grew up with less affectionate people and that could be a problem in a relationship. It will then be decided by the two involved in the relationship if the affectionate person is willing to compromise and understand that the other is not a showy individual or if the less affectionate person is willing to slowly allow himself or herself to show affection that could satisfy the other party.



To those who are in a relationship with a person who is less affectionate than you are, no worries! Studies show that loyalty or the willingness to commit or stay in the relationship is also a sign of affection. So if he or she is still together with you or prefers you over anyone else, he or she loves you. If you find yourself feeling unsatisfied with your relationship and would like your partner to be more affectionate, don’t break up but instead talk it out. He or she may be thinking that you are okay with the current level of affection when you aren’t really. Tell him or her that being a little more affectionate helps you feel more secure in the relationship.



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2 thoughts on “Importance Of Affection In A Relationship

  1. This is a really interesting article and I think it’s true that what we see (or don’t see) in our parent’s relationship affects how we act in our own relationships.

    Some people say affection is important, others so not so much. A mentor of mine gave me some great advice once. He said the two of us design our own relationship, through talking, communication and mutual understanding and we design the life that we want.

    I don’t compare my relationship to others because we are different people. What works for us might not work for others but it works for us. I really liked that, the idea that we can custom make our own relationship, design and build the life that we want together. It comes down to knowing the other person’s expectations and being honest with each other.

    Thank you for sharing, I’ve still got so much to learn but if we don’t give up on each other we will be strong.

    1. It is so crazy how other people have so much influence on how our relationships will be like.

      Everyone have their own way of showing affection and I don’t think that it is anything wrong with that. I think it has to be shown sometimes though.

      You shouldn’t compare your relationship with others. That could turn out to be a disappointed if you do so. The grass may look green on the other side, but that does not mean that it is real.

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