Importance Of Time Management and Helpful Tips

Time management is defined as an ability of someone to use their time effectively especially when it comes to work load. As of the moment, most of us are stuck at home and have brought our office work to our home, which is very stressful indeed. The line between work and relaxation time at home has become very thin and to some, almost non-existent. I have been used to working at home for almost five years now, but aside from my writing though, I have recently signed up as a part time instructor and not to mention I am also a full-time caretaker at home. It’s really hard to manage my time wisely especially if all the tasks require my attention. I always feel like I’m rushing from one task to the next, which is exhausting – mentally and physically.


That’s why I’ve recently come to appreciate learning to manage my time well. I can’t say that I’ve perfected it but I’m getting there. Good time management helps me make use of the hours in the day, and helps me accomplish things that I need to do in a shorter period of time. It also allows me to give my one hundred per cent to a specific task because my mind is focused on it at the moment and not thinking about the next thing that I have to do. Prioritizing my tasks also allows me more free time and leeway on the unimportant tasks, or the tasks that can be pushed aside for now.

When you are not stressed out, you are able to think more clearly.


Time management is also about disciplining yourself. When it’s work time, then it’s work time. Here are some benefits of time management:

  1. FOCUS. Like I said above, because your mind is on a schedule, it allows you to focus on the task at hand and forget about the other tasks on your list for now. When you are focused on a task, you are able to give it your one hundred per cent effort and will be able to do or perform it well. You are aware that you only have this time allotted to do a certain task, so you go all out on it. We all have the same number of hours in a day, but some people manage to accomplish more than us and one of the reasons could be because they manage their time well. There’s no room for procrastination.
  2. DISCIPLINE. One of the benefits of time management is also discipline. I know we are all familiar with straying from the task we are doing to scroll up and down checking our social media notifications, and then in a blink of an eye, an hour has already passed. When we learn to discipline ourselves, we accomplish great things. It is a very valuable skill that will be able to seep through other areas of your life.
  3. FREE TIME GALORE. Once you finished your tasks, you have free time and you are also worry free because you are done. There is nothing more to worry about. You are now able to relax and unwind. Setting certain hours for work and for free time or relaxation time is great for your over-all well being. We can’t work all the time. We have to set aside time to relax.
  4. LESS STRESS. When you know which tasks to do first, you are less stressed. When you control your time and yourself, the feeling of being overwhelmed and rushed goes away. Like me, I always feel like I’m rushing from one task to the next, but with proper time management, that goes away. You will be able to have an estimate of how many hours you need to finish a certain task and act accordingly.
  5. ACCOMPLISH MORE. With time management, mixed with self discipline, and less stress, you accomplish more. You finish more tasks. You are able to think more carefully because you aren’t rushed or overwhelmed. You are able to make better decisions.



  • PLEASE AVOID MULTITASKING. You will be prone to feeling overwhelmed which will exhaust you faster. Focus on one task at a time.
  • ALLOW TIME TO REST. I understand that you have a lot to do, but you have to allow yourself to take a break. Don’t over-exhaust yourself, else you will be too drained – mentally and physically – to finish your tasks at hand.
  • START A ROUTINE. Look at how your typical day goes, identify a routine that works, and stick to it. This is also great for those who have kids. If you stick to your routine, your kids will know what time it is for thus they won’t be protesting so much since they know that it is time for this task and that task.
  • PRIORITIZE YOUR TASKS. Know which tasks are important and know which ones are okay to delay. Also know how long your will be allotting for a certain task so you can schedule them properly. To do lists are fine, but actually setting up time for a task is better. For example, you set two hours to finish all your paper works about housing in the morning and two hours for another set of paper works. It is more stable compared to just a to do list.
  • TURN OFF YOUR PHONE ALERTS. Don’t get distracted. Once you set yourself to do a certain task at a certain time, turn off the distractions. Check your messages after you finish a task so you can focus on the task at hand and finish faster.
  • DELEGATION IS A GIFT. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Delegate it to people. if you can.
  • TIDY YOUR WORKSPACE. Knowing where things are will help so you won’t waste anymore time rummaging one cabinet to another, looking for something and wasting time.
  • SET A DEADLINE. When you know you have a deadline, you become more focused to finish the task at hand. Well, it depends too. Some people feel rushed and panicky when there’s a deadline coming up, while others work better under pressure.


Anyway, always remember to prioritize your tasks. Time management is all about self control and discipline! Good luck!

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