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Hey! Welcome to Kendrick SuperStarr Young Official Website. Here you will find many tips on a lot of things. I also am in the process of making music. I am looking to give a lot back to the community. There is so much that I want to do with this website that I just do not know where to start. Videos are coming or at least that is the plan so far.



As I said above, in this website you will be offered a lot of tips and little notes to help you get by so hopefully at the end of the day, you will remember that we was able to help you. We talk about a lot of topics here like your health for example. Health is very important, to everyone even if others don’t value it as well as the other person does. You will be reading about short yet very informative articles on how to take better care of yourselves and those you love. Being healthy these days is a big challenge, you really have to put your mind into it.  There’s a lot of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle that just seems to attract everyone. Lazy is the new cool. Don’t be that person who doesn’t care about his or her body. Healthy should be the new trend.


Internet Marketing

We would also be helping you understand more and do more with your knowledge about internet marketing. Internet marketing should be able to help you a lot if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur. You can easily make money on the internet if you know what to do and how to do it. Working on the internet is great since it also gives you a lot of time for family and personal life. Your life doesn’t have to revolve around work alone. Let us help you!



You see we understand the value of money but we also understand that too much obsession with it isn’t good. Balance is the key in life. A friend of mine said that we shouldn’t work just to get by daily, but that we should work to have a good life that we can be proud of. Money comes and goes, but let’s minimize it from going with tips from this website. Let us save money.



You will also find some news, updates, and sneak peaks about my music here, but it is still on the process. I’m making it really good so you’ll enjoy it. I want to give my all into making my music because I am passionate about this, so I really pray that you would enjoy it and like it.



And finally, we will also be talking about different kinds of relationships. Sometimes when we are in love or drunk in our feelings, we get lost on what we should do. All rational reasoning are out the window and that’s okay. It happens. We tend to overthink things, or ignore them completely. Most men are clueless on what women are thinking and women are also clueless whether a man is interested in them or just wants to get in their pants. Relationships are messy but they shouldn’t be. I am here to help. I’m not saying that I am an expert but I care.


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