The Importance Of Your Heath

Do you know the importance of your health? Have you ever heard of the motto: “Health is Wealth”? The point of this motto is to make people realize that having or maintaining a good health is more important than working too hard that you put your health at risk. Having an illness – no matter how small or how big it is – can have a negative impact in your life and those around you. A simple cold can hassle you by missing work or making your performance output low since you can’t put your full concentration and energy into the task. Despite our busy schedules, we should never take our health for granted! Our body is our weapon! Without a physically able body, it would be hard for us to move around, enjoy life, and even go to work.


Wouldn’t it be a shame if all that hard earned money would just go to the medical bills and pills that you have to take? I know that most of us work because we want to have a good life where we can relax and enjoy with our loved ones without worrying too much. Remember, if you lose a job, you can always find another one, but if your health deteriorates, it would be hard for you to find a new healthy body. You may have to spend thousands of dollars just to achieve it.


With our busy schedules, it may be hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Fastfood is easier to find and it also saves you the hassle of preparation. You can have your food in minutes. However, there are still simple ways that you can keep your body in tip top shape.



Don’t take this literally. There are some people who sarcastically reply to this. For example:

“Oh, I ate a double cheese burger with caramelized onion, mustard, cheese, and bacon strips so am I a burger now?”

No, you are not a burger, but you are unhealthy if you will keep on eating that. Soon your arteries will be clogging up because of the cholesterol and you will have a hard time pumping oxygenated blood all over your body. Your heart will be exerting extra effort just to get the blood delivered all over your body.

Eating healthy food will also make you health. Green leafy vegetables are a must and so are fresh fruits. However, you have to keep in mind that there are some fruits which are naturally rich in glucose so if you excessively eat it, your blood sugar may increase and that’s not a good thing.

Moderation is the key. That’s what I always believe.



You don’t need to run a 10 kilometer marathon just to say that you have a little bit of exercise. Walking daily between 15-30 minutes is fine. Doing this will improve your breathing, burn unwanted fats and cholesterol, and finally release some happy hormones.

Just find a little bit of time in your schedule and to exercise. You will feel better.




Believe it or not, water helps us lose weight faster. It washes out the unwanted cholesterol or hormones, and also cleanses you. A glass of cold water is also refreshing to drink.




Research have found out that eating heavy meals three times a day slows down your metabolism, thus making you fat, but if you eat frequently but with less amount of food, you will be able to trick your body that you have a lot of food available so it will hasten the metabolism.


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