Your Wealth VS Your Health – Which one is more important to you?

Your Wealth VS Your Health – Which one is more important to you? Realistically speaking, both of them are important. Life would be hard for us if we neglect thinking about our daily finances, but the point here is that you don’t disregard your health while trying to stabilize your wealth.  For me, both are important but of course, the health factor will be the one which is a little ahead of than the wealth, but if you have enough of the two, you will be able to live a good life.


Sometimes people worry too much about their finances. How are we going to pay the rent? How much will we spend for food this week? How will we send our children to school? How are we going to provide all the needs and wants of the family? Constant worrying can also lead to health problems like worry which can eventually turn into anxiety and in the long run, evolve into physical symptoms. Although wealth is also important, we should never forget to keep track of our health. We only have one body. You will need a lot of wealth if you want to get another organ transplanted into you. And the wealth that you worked so hard for can just be easily spent on being healthy again instead of doing things and purchasing things that you enjoy.


Here are some ways that you can keep your body in check:


  1. ) Drink a lot of water.Water is great! It cleanses you inside and out, and it has zero fat and zero calories. Water helps energize your muscles and cells. In our body, we must be able to maintain the right balance of fluid and electrolytes or else our cells might shrivel or in other words, shrink.  This can result to muscle fatigue. Water will also help keep you looking young and beautiful. It refreshes the skin. Dehydration of the skin can cause it to look dry, crack, and more wrinkled. Cracks in your skin can be a portal of entry for germs and microbes that can harm your body. Water will also be good for your kidneys and bowel function. Kidneys work by cleansing and ridding the body of toxins as long as your intake of fluids is in the right level.

    You can check your urine out. The color should be light yellow and it should be odor-free. If you drink little water, you may be at risk for getting kidney stones.

  2. ) Exercising is great for you.Did you know that exercising daily can be an effective treatment for many Chronic conditions? If you have arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes, you will benefit a lot from regular exercise. It is also great for people will high blood pressure, balance problems, and those with difficulty of walking.

    Don’t push yourself though! If you have a health condition, be sure to ask your doctor what exercise is recommended for you before doing it.

  3. ) You must also be aware of the food that you are eating.”You are what you eat” as they say. You can start by cutting down on carbonated drinks and sugary drinks, and then avoiding junk food is a great decision too.

    Here are some examples of healthy food:

    – LEMON. Just one lemon is capable of providing you with your daily intake need of vitamin C, which can help when it comes to increasing your HDL or the good cholesterol.
    – DARK CHOCOLATE. Just one fourth of an ounce daily can help reduce your blood pressure in health individuals. Careful about this if you are diabetic.
    – POTATOES. Potatoes are great cancer fighting agents and immune boosting vitamin A that you need daily.
    – SALMON.  This is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which can help combat depression, heart disease, and even cancer.


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