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Do you want to be able to make some extra money around the house? I want to start this article by saying that this feat is possible even for kids and teenagers. Money doesn’t make the world go round, but it would also be unrealistic to downplay it’s importance. With enough money, we will be able to buy the things that we need and want at the same time. We will be able to provide for our loved ones and also for ourselves. If you want to make some extra money but you have to stay at home, let me offer you ideas on how you can make a small business at home.


See what you like from the list below:



    – You’ve probably heard people you personally know who are working online jobs. You can too! There’s a lot of online jobs that you can try and apply for. Here are some examples of online jobs that you can try:

    – TRANSCRIBE MEDICAL RECORDS: In this job, all you will have to do would be to read and/or listen to electronic medical records, patient medical histories, referral letters, and even physical exam reports which are in audio files. You will need to secure the files into written files. Normally, as a medical transcriptionist, you will be working 20 hours a week, and sometimes even during the weekend. You must be great in typing and have a general knowledge of grammar. An understanding of medical terminology is also a plus.

    – BOOKKEEPER: To be able to qualify for this job, you must be good at managing money and keeping a company’s books could be the thing for you. All small businesses need an able bookkeeper who will be in charge of tracking their accounts receivable and expenditures.You will also need a strong knowledge in math and a willingness to learn accounting software.


    – If you are artistic or creative, you can create wonderful things and sell these with the help of the internet. You can let your artsy shine and help you make some extra money.

    – If you are great with arts and crafts like bags, clothes, little trinkets, you may want to consider selling them. Have you ever heard of Etsy? It’s a website where you can see your products to shoppers all over the world. A lot of people are into this now and are earning a lot. You should try it if you want to.

    – You can also start your own pastry shop at home. Please remember though that when dealing with food, you have a lot of risks. For example, your client could get stomache, or food poisoning so you must always be careful when it comes to handling the food you are going to sell. Make sure that the ingredients you are using are safe and fresh. Wash and rinse the fruits and vegetables. Check the expiry date of products.


    Are you great with kids? Do you love being around them? Then this could be the opportunity that you are looking for. It all sounds exciting, but this is also a big responsibility for you. It’s hard enough to care for your own children, let alone children of other people. You will be responsible for the safety and health of the children while they are in your home. You will prepare their meals, teach them lessons, and plan activities for them to do. Before you jump into this, make sure that you have enough space in your home and if you need a helping hand.

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2 thoughts on “Make Some Extra Money Around The House

  1. I never knew about the position or work for transcribe medical records. This is definitely something new to me and I can’t help but be filled with questions and queries, is the job or work easily available? What kind of qualifications would I need? Does it pay well since there is a need to work 20 hrs or more and even during weekends!

    1. There is so many positions available online that I do not know of so I am in the same boat as you. I do not know how easily available it is but it is definitely something to look into. You will need to have knowledge in the medical field and have some kind of passion going into this or you may get tired of it quickly. I would say that this pays well reasonable. You will be putting in the work but it should be easy if you are into this kind of thing. You seem to be interested in this so it could be a good fit for you.

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