New Year Resolutions!

When I was little, I was introduced to this tradition of writing down New Year Resolutions. It stood as goals to reach as another year rolls in. I find it amusing how people would be feeling all hopeful and happy thinking that a new year will bring in a new them. “New Year, New Me” But the truth is that the only thing that changed will be the year every time you need to write down the date. Who they were on December 31, 2020 will most probably be the same on January 1, 2021. But how did the tradition of making New Year Resolutions start? And what’s the best way that we can follow through whatever it is that we decide to do?


You’d be surprised to know that New Year Resolutions started around the Babylonian times. That’s almost 4,000 years ago! In the past, they would make promises to the gods they worship in hopes that doing so would earn them a good favor in the upcoming year.


Do you wanna know a secret on how to keep your resolutions? It’s simple. Write it down and share it with other people. You see, when you keep something in secret, no one knows. No one can check up on you. When you share with people, you’d be conscious if you aren’t doing what you said you’d do. They could check up on you and remind you to stay on the path, not get distracted.


What are the common New Year Resolutions that you can think about? Comment below your top three. Here are mine: to eat healthier, to exercise more, and to have more me time.


Happy New Year, everybody!

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