Nice Guys Finish Last Meaning

What does it mean when people say nice guys finish last? This phrase has started to get pretty viral over the years, but does it actually possess a greater context that we actually need to take into consideration? Let us attempt to get a better understanding of what the phrase actually means.



When you come across this phrase, it is important to not take it literally. The main, if not, only use of this phrase is when referring to the stages and progression of courtship and the different types of men that women come across. It is generally understood that in courtship there are two basics kinds of guys, the good guys, and the bad guys. These are pretty self-explanatory in their own right.



The “good guys” are the types of guys that hold the door open for you and give you chocolates and flowers on valentines and are generally regarded to be thoughtful, respectful, and kind to the women they pursue. They commonly also dress presentably and are usually the kind of guys you’d go on to introduce to your family and take to gatherings. They normally also conform to standards of society and don’t really have too many qualities you can take a pick at.


On the other hand, the bad guys are exactly what you’d expect. They typically are known to be quite insensitive and apathetic, foregoing all the flowery stages of courtship. They are also generally considered to be rude and just not really care about others along with most other things associated with being a “bad guy”. While they may not necessarily actually be bad people, they are usually associated with having bad habits, attitudes, or the overall image of how they dress being more rebellious-looking and usually are questionable choices to take to meet your parents. They are also commonly known to be more defiant of society’s standards and cultural norms and have a tendency to be more frowned upon.



The irony associated with the phrase “Nice guys finish last” is that the bad guys are usually the ones who end up being more successful with women compared to the nice guys. Surprisingly, this is actually a common occurrence. To this day there isn’t necessarily a concrete scientific explanation regarding why this happens a lot, though there are a few factors we can consider when trying to understand why this has turned into the almost widely accepted phrase it has become today.




For some, they usually associate the “bad guys” or “bad boys” having a greater appeal with the younger women as they are generally considered to be the ones that want to live life to the extreme. And in most cases, they feel they can find this with being with the “bad boys”, who are generally understood to be more outgoing and rebellious, thus living the more exciting lifestyle on the edge compared to the nice guys, who are also generally more understood to be more laid back and unwilling to take too many risks. Some women comment that being with nice guys is boring and too predictable. It lacks that spark that keeps the adrenaline going. There’s no challenge being with a nice guy, or so they say. I guess when you are young, you are looking for excitement not settling down, consistency, and reliability.


In the end though, it is also the bad guys who break women’s hearts.



Hence, we come to the phrase nice guys finish last. Where we can now conclude that the nicer, mature guys have a better tendency to be successful with the girls they pursue in the end because by this time, both parties have matured and have gone through most of the thrills and frills of life and choose to settle down with a more objective relationship with more realistic long term-goals (this is not to say that “bad boys” are unable to provide this, but it is generally a more common occurrence.). What do you think?



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