Not Making Enough Money To Pay The Bills? Here Are A Few Tips That May Help

With the sky rocketing prices of today’s necessities, it is no surprise that most of us are not making enough money to pay the bills, so here are a few tips that may help solve your problem. If you are an adult who is responsible for paying the bills and for supporting other people, I’m sure you’d agree with me that making money is ~hard~ work. Gone are the days were we just receive allowance from mom and dad without having to lift a finger. Those were the days, right?



Nowadays if you want to save up, you have to be creative in doing so. One simple solution to this would be to find a second job. “SECOND JOB?!” You exclaim, “I ALREADY HAVE TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE WITH MY FIRST JOB!” That may be so but is your first job covering all your expenses and leaving you enough to enjoy yourself? A method for extra income doesn’t have to be a job, it can be a hobby or something you are passionate about. At least then that won’t feel like you are working.



○ CRAFTS – Some people just have talented hands and a hyperactive imagination that allows them to create things. Not everyone has that so if you do, don’t let it go to waste by giving your services for free. You don’t need to charge super expensive, just something fair and affordable for a start. You can turn to Pinterest or YouTube for some DIY tips and tutorials. It really depends on the type of skill that you have. For example, if you are good at calligraphy (which seems to be a big hit now), you can offer your services in making personalized invitations or thank you cards. If you are good at making jewelry, you can try that too. Or you can also open art seminars or classes. It doesn’t have to be for a whole semester, just a few hours focusing on one subject will do.



○ WRITING – If you enjoy writing, find some freelance jobs online. If you are worried that it might conflict with your first job, there are one time offers that you can apply for. How will you get paid? There are online money transferring services like Paypal so it’s pretty convenient. Did you know that Wattpad actually pays you? It depends on how many readers you have on a particular story. Anyway, everytime a reader watches an ad while reading your story, you get paid. It is a little hard to get your story noticed on Wattpad though. It might take time but you can also create your own blog. A blog is like an online magazine that is being run by one person. What a challenge! Can you manage a blog?



○ BAKING/COOKING – If you are good at this particular set of skill, why not share it with the world by catering or selling boxes of your baked goodies? Don’t be shy! People love to eat. If want to improve on this, just keep practicing. You can also take online cooking classes. Just like in the crafts, you can invite young teens to a mini cooking class.


○ VIRTUAL ASSISTANT – Please reconsider if you are already super busy with your first job. Virtual assistants are usually packed or thinking about the smallest things. What does a virtual assistant do? Well, you do typing, booking, and scheduling with your boss. Most would say that being a virtual assistant is easy, but you always have to be on the look out if your those busy days the boss needs your full attention.



○ WALK DOGS – Dogs are fun and they need to take daily walks. If you know someone who is extremely busy with work then you can approach them and offer your services. Don’t consider this job if you don’t like animals. You can also babysit the dogs while their masters’ are away. Remember in Marley and Me? The dog had a baby sitter who gave up on Marley cause he was too naughty.



○ YOGA CLASS – Yoga’s popularity is higher than ever. Even kids have yoga classes. Ask around your office or neighborhood and offer a yoga class. Of course, only do this when you actually know how to do yoga. I personally don’t.



○ MAKE VLOGS – People are dying to be entertained. Everyone wants to watch something or read something. If you have a talent for producing videos or editing, you may want to create an account on YouTube. If a video from you gets 10,000 views, YouTube will be paying you. What will you Vlog about? Research what’s trending or what your interests are and build a small supportive community.



○ BABYSIT – Do you love children? Help out a swamped couple take a break by taking good care of their baby or kids. They need their break or date night and you need your money. Be careful about taking care of kids though. They are very hyper like a giant ball of boucing energy.



○ TUTOR ENGLISH ONLINE – There are a lot of people who are willing to learn English at a price! If you have extra time and you feel confident about your English, why not sign up as a teacher at some online tutorial class? You won’t have to leave your house (aka you can get house work done and bond with kids) and usually, companies allow you to work on your own time.




○ DO SOME PAID SURVEYS – There are websites who pay you cash or gift certificates for every survey that you finish. Yes, just answer a quick survey usually about products and you can have some instant cash.




And there you have it! There are some more but we will talk about the more complex things next time.


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6 thoughts on “Not Making Enough Money To Pay The Bills? Here Are A Few Tips That May Help

  1. Very informative! I do struggle to pay the bills, even though I work a 9-5 job; and on top of that, I work in the evenings giving guitar lessons. It’s nice to know there are still options available to make passive income. I personally am looking for a way to make money online and based on your site, it looks like I’ve missed out on plenty of opportunities. Thank you for providing this wonderful information.

    1. Sorry to hear that Corey. Don’t feel bad there are a lot of people who struggle to pay the bill each month. There are many options available you just have to know of them and be ready to take advantage of them.

  2. have you got any advice for somebody that suffers from heavy anxiety that wants to do their drivers test. my wife is a really excellent driver but she was in tears after her road exam failed over something really minor and now she refuses to try it again until she gets over her anxiety

    1. Rob the best thing I can say is to let her get over her anxiety. You said she was an excellent driver, so I think she will pass it in due time. She should not be so hard on herself though. A lot of people fail all the time. She just has to be willing to give it another shot.

  3. Really good tips. Id also recommend online transcription, especially for people who enjoy typing and have a fast typing speed. Also, website testing pay well via sites such as UserTesting.

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