Online Learning Is Possible!

From the moment you were born, it has been probably embedded in your minds that to make something out of your life, you have  to study and learn. At the moment with all that’s going on, you may think to yourself, “This isn’t the time to learn something!” But I am here to tell you, that you have the time and the mental energy, and also the desire to learn, you can. The world is changing rapidly, and let’s face it, it isn’t as stable as it was before. Nowadays, you will need a certain set of skills to survive. For example, you have to be computer literate. It also helps if you know basic computer language, and how to fix technology related stuff. It is commendable also if you take time to learn about other languages, and additional topics that can help you advance yourself in your career. It is your responsibility , as a working adult, to use and utilize the knowledge you gain to make your future better.


Now, your question might be “But how can I learn things if I’m stuck at home most of the time? I’m too afraid to go out.”  After the advent of Covid-19, online learning courses emerged as a rapidly growing market due to social distancing. With billions of online courses, and with the use of a computer and an internet connection, you have the opportunity learn new skills and languages to kick-start more job opportunities in the future.


Sounds great? Good! Let’s take a look at some online learning websites you can check out.


Learning a new language may seem like a daunting venture for some people. What business do you even have that you need to learn a new language when at the moment leisure travelling seems like an impossible feat? The benefits of learning a new language will trump that mindset. Not only will learning a new language be an asset in your current or future career but it will turn you into an exceptionally decisive and smarter individual. In the comfort of your home, you can learn a new language on your own schedule. Japanese Bookstore via offers a whole array of downloadable Japanese learning materials for as low as 2 USD. The materials range from flashcards, Kanji-stroking, Hiragana, Katakana, Genki I-II, video lessons, Nihongo E-books, printable worksheets, and N5-N1 linguistic competency tests. Totally beginner friendly and is scaled to a beginner to advanced experience. All of the offered materials are virtually yours with unlimited access, where you can take your online course anywhere at any time.

Isn’t that convenient? I must also add that English teachers are paid handsomely in Japan. That is if you are looking into moving into a different country after this pandemic is over.


E-learning platforms offer academic level courses prepared by college professors and costs are a mere fraction from traditional college and university tuition fees. E-learning platforms offer a variety of courses that range to categories such as IT and software development, Marketing, Business, and Design.

Udemy is such an example that it has a continuous flow of students ranging up to the 30 million mark. Offering up to a 100 thousand courses with content prepared by professors from colleges and universities. Sounds great! New additions of online videos courses are published every month for a wide variety. Fresh materials! Up to date! It offers expert instructions and let’s you scope for specific instructors fit for you. Courses of your choice usually start around $12.99 each with lifetime unlimited access. Udemy’s top categories are design, development, marketing, IT and software, personal development, business, photography and music.


You are thinking about it aren’t you?



Skillshare is also a popular E-learning platform with a collection of classes numbering up to 20,000. Skillshare approaches learning to three categories: Thrive to improve lifestyle and productivity; To build businesses, entrepreneurship and management; And to create, design and develop. Premium membership ranges up to $15 per month to $99 per year. This includes unlimited access to 20,000 or more classes. There is also a free membership but is limited to a tenth of classes offered by premium membership.


Doesn’t those sound great? You can learn all that in your own time and within the safe comforts of your home.


What course are you interested to learn? 🙂

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