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  1. This is a great song. The lyrics really struck a cord with me. It is rare to see an artist open themselves up to the world like this. In life lots of people put us down or say we can’t achieve our goals/ dreams. Good on your part for achieving and thriving. Well done for putting your feelings into musical form. Good luck for the future.

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. It is good to know the lyrics struck a cord. That lets me know that I am doing okay so far. Many people don’t like to open up like this because some would see it as a weakness. As for me I think you have to have strength. People say this and that because their words can keep you down if you not strong enough. If you are strong enough you will prevail. 

  2. This is great. I like how you went original and not doing what everybody else is doing. Because they all doing that stupid mumble rap and killing music culture and you are talking from your heart and a lot of new rappers dont do that now a days.. Keep it up I hope you start getting a lot of recognition.

    1. Thanks man I appreciate it. By being yourself you will stand out and that is what I am doing. Staying in my own lane trying to come up is all that I am doing. I am not the one to follow the trend but I do take notes. And I do plan to keep this up. Hopefully I will get the recognition I deserve sooner or later.  

  3. I really like this! I could feel the emotion and the realness behind it. Also, I really liked the different approach to this genre. It’s not just mumbo jumbo. It’s almost like poetry and anyone can appreciate that. The lyrics were real and true, and for that alone, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you felt it. I just went my own style. I did my best to make it the way it is. I am glad you enjoyed this! 

  4. Well, that was different. I love the moments when I stumble upon the work of a young fresh talent. Work that feels genuine and unaltered by the current trends. This is one of those moments. Of course, there still is room for improvement, there always is, but you sure are on the right track. Keep up the good work and never give up.

    1. Thanks. It’s good to know that you know talent when you see it. I am always looking to improve. Soon enough my music will be at its peak. I just have to stay consistent with making it.

  5. Your poetic lyrics are great! You have type of jazzy theater type of style to your music…if that makes any sense. Your voice comes out almost too clean I think though. It sounds like your on a phone mic. I think some higher end mics would capture your voice better. This is right up with where rap is at today, but better. It’s clean, it’s real, I like it. Rap isn’t real anymore…it’s all a joke. What you have produced is real!

    1. Thanks man! I understand what you are saying, I even thought the same. It sounded good while I was making it so I went with it. I wanted my voice to be clear and I see that I accomplished that. It’s not a phone mic although I do need to invest in a better mic. Maybe sometime in the future. Thanks again I am glad you like it.

  6. It’s not that often to come across people in the genre that want to be truthful and put themselves out there like you did. It’s quite refreshing to hear, actually – I don’t have to worry about the lyrics offending anyone, and it can actually be quite uplifting if you take a deeper look at it. I would definitely recommend this track to just about anyone!

    1. I appreciate it. A lot of people just go with the flow and anything that pops in their head. That is not me. I put a lot of thought into what I do.

  7. Hi Kendrickk,

    I really enjoyed listening to Think You Know Me, I really can relate to it, especially about people judging, when they don’t actually know, or grew up with you. It was quite raw and powerful and you can tell it was rapped from the heart.
    Thanks for sharing man 🙂

  8. This is nice.
    Good on you for creating such raw original lyrics.
    I really liked this.
    The video showed text only. I was just wondering if you were looking to make a video at some stage in the future?
    I would appreciate seeing you driving around in a car singing or something.
    Good on you and keep following your dreams.
    Good luck with it.

    1. I appreciate it. Yes I do plan on making actual videos in the future. It maybe soon though. Sadly I can not give you a date right now. I don’t know how I want it to be right now but it is not going to be what you are used to seeing. 

  9. This is a really smooth song. I like how you keep it real and authentic in your lyrics. Most rappers today be talking about stuff they never been through or even had. Half of the time you don’t even know what they be saying. Then the next thing you know, they have the #1 song on the billboards. Just crazy. But keep up the good work, your time is coming.

    1. It really surprises me to see them in the #1 spot but I do not hate it or anything. My time is coming!! Thanks I appreciate it.

  10. Your song really speaks the truth. All over, every day, many people get stepped on and put down by people who think they are better. When in reality, those who deliberately hurt others are the ones who are hurting, yet they project their pain on others because they are avoiding their own problems.
    Thank you for sharing, this was really heart warming to hear your honesty of the cruelty of some people.
    It gets better.

    1. I don’t think its right to step on innocent people. People who do what they are suppose to do each passing day diligently  seem to have it bad because of others who think they are better than them. I feel their pain. Thanks man.

  11. This song sound like nothing I’ve heard before.The lyrics are deep so as the way you deliver the message of the song. Is it you that’ve produce the beat? I am a ”ghetto artist” and I love to produce beats and to rap too. If you are interested we could do a featuring. See ya!

    1. Yeah I made the beat. I kind of threw it together at the last minute. Maybe I could hit you up for a beat to my next song. I appreciate it man. 

  12. Hey there,

    Tell me about people hating on you, I have travelled this road numerous times. And it really does hurt to see that even those you think love you don’t have faith in you.

    But hey, life has to be tough so that we grow stronger everyday.

    Anyways, I really loved the poetic touch of the song and I will share with a couple of friends who love this genre.

    1. Hey, 

      The hate is real. For some people their first impression is to hate someone they do not understand. They do stuff like that because they do not know you and those you think love you that don’t have faith in you often times resent you. It could be because of your success. Life has so many ways to test you. & I appreciate it.  

  13. I feel, as others have commented, about your uniqueness and talent. Definitely different, but this is what I enjoy the most about it. Expands my thoughts and definition of music. I dig the music, at times it’s classical with the randomness of jazz added. I love your cadence with your spoken word. You my friend, are on your way! Keep your head up and keep working towards your goals.
    When are you going to make a record? I’d give it a listen.

    1. I wanted to be different in a way. I don’t know if anyone else is doing it this way right now. Guess I will shake up a few things. & I do not know right now, but I do plan on it. I am just putting some of my music out there to get noticed. Thanks I appreciate it. 

  14. Hey man, listening to your song again. It seems that both times now, it has come in at a right time. This really hits on self-sufficiency.

    I hope you’re doing well with your music, I really love how your site is more than just music, but also your advice on emotions. Really awesome dude, keep it up!

    1. I am doing pretty good with my music. Everything is coming along and getting better. Thanks man. I appreciate it. 

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