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This is obvious enough but what isn’t obvious is that the topic that you chose should be somehow related to the niche that you are focusing on. It would be disasterous for you to write an article about gardening when your topic is baking cookies, unless you make the gardening article related to cooking like let’s say how to make a space cake. For those who do not know what a space cake is, it is a cookie that has little mixtures of weed. So you start off with how to care for plants and then how to mix it with your baking, which is the main focus of your blog. This is somehow acceptable! The hard part in looking for a topic is when you feel like you have talked about everything under the sun.


Could there be something more that you can talk about? Should you reopen a past topic? What can you write that would somehow connect to your most popular article?



Unto the next step,







To give your blog a strong sense of authenticity, you should be mindful that what you are publishing on your blog whether true or else, you put the credibility of your blog at stake. Remember, if you take from only one source, that is considered as plagiarism. However, if you take from a lot of sources and you site them somewhere in your article then that is research. There is a thin line between the two so you best be careful. There are a lot of bloggers who were slammed by the internet because they were caught stealing from other people’s blogs. That may be easy, but it comes with serious consequences so do not do it.



With writing (creative or not) comes researching.







If you have been blogging for quite a while, I would assume that you are quite familiar wih SEO. For newbies, that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how you make it better for the search engine (like Google) to find your blog every time certain keywords (that can be found in your blog post or article) are used by an individual to search.



What keywords can you use for your article? How will you position them? How sure are you that they will artract the traffic that you want?



For those who have no idea what SEO is and how to do it, no worries. Check around this website for we have a lot of articles about it. Learning SEO is a must for every blogger who wants to make it big in the digital world. You can also check out some free classes online about it. Good luck!







Just write. Start writing! Eventually the words will start flowing. Personally, that is my method. I have keywords and I find ways to incorporate them into the article and then I write. The words flow. For others, they lay out an extensive planning on what to write or talk about in the first paragraph, where to add a media file, and how to end it. I think that takes too long but if it works for you then that’s great.







An article that is all words is a little boring. So add a few pictures here and there. Hey maybe a video works or a clipart. Just make sure they are somehow related to your topic.



Remember that every thing you add to your post must be related to your post. STAY ON TOPIC.





Reread it two times or three times until you feel like there’s no mistske. You can miss one or two there sometimes even if you read it over and over. A great technique would be to allpw someone else to read it. You already know what is written so that might make you miss a few typos here and there. Have someone you trust proof-read your work before you go and publish it. I know that it is exciting to push that publish button but please, just let someone read it first before you do. It will be a little harder to take back once some people have read it.







While you are rereading it, you can make yourself useful by finding words that you can hyperlink with a past article on your website. Were you talking about skin care and you mentioned the use of lemon in making your skin care? Hyperlink the word lemon to a past article that talks about the different benefits of lemon or how to plant your own lemon tree in your backyard. Someone might be interested and click on that.







Don’t end it abruptly. Make a short little look back on your article and give it a nice ending. Just don’t end it so abruptly.






If you are feeling confident enough to publish it, do it. Make sure that you have entered the appropriate tags so that people will be able to find them and also do share your articles on social media. Traffic from social media is the easiest to get nowadays since everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or an Instagram. Share the love! When you don’t share, people may not know about your blog thus they can’t find it. That means lesser traffic for you.



Don’f forget to engage with your readers and the people who comments om your blog posts!



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  1. Thanks for the very useful and inspiring article. I write quite a lot for my website and sometimes I have days that I can’t write anymore. Thanks to your article I have found some new inspiration to write more articles for my website and my blogs.

    Maybe the next time I am stuck again I’ll just reread your post.

    Thanks again!

    1. You are welcome. Sometimes I run out of things to write. Just take a break and you will be fine Sandy.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Was extremely interested in your article. So much that I could take from it. Very educational.
    Am new to blogging and so appreciated your guidance on how to write a blog.
    Thank you very much !

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