My Calling – Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg (prod. JacobEsteban)

Sometimes we are going to be torn from following our passions and from doing what is best for ourselves or for the family. For example, you have passion maybe involves making some kind of product that is in need but you don’t have enough capital to make a business out of it. It is hard to save because everyday is an expense but it is more difficult  when you have a large family. So would you choose your responsibilities or would you drop them to follow your passion? Sometimes in life we need to choose.

The main idea of this song is about following one’s passion. You may feel that you should be out doing something else but life isn’t fair, it is hard for you to leave your responsibilities. Which will leave you torn.

Everyone has a passion that they can feel inside, but you know how it is out there, and eventually you will think you should follow it.

Everyone is in the process of growing no matter where you are in life.

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