The Best Way To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

Today we are going to be learning about some of the best ways to get fit without going to the gym. Some would think that this is impossible, but let me prove to you otherwise that it is. Nothing is impossible for a person who really wants it. I understand that sometimes signing up for the gym means another extra expense and some of us want to spend that money for a gym membership elsewhere. And that is totally fine and understandable! That doesn’t mean though that you should neglect your body and not take care of it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be fit and healthy. In fact, that is a great aspiration! After all, we only have one body and if we don’t take care of it, we are going to be having a hard time.


And some of us actually want to go to the gym but cannot because of their busy schedules and responsibilities, whichever type of person you are though, the good news is that you can get in shape without the necessity for a gym membership.


According to a physiologist named Kevin Steele, PhD, the effectiveness of a fitness program will depend on five components which are namely:

  • Warm-Up
  • Cardio or aerobic workout
  • Resistance or strength building exercise
  • Flexibility moves
  • Cool down


But before you jump into that, it is a must that you must first set a determined way of thinking. Developing the right mindset before getting into a task will help you a lot, especially during the times when you don’t want to continue the task anymore. The mind will control your body, not the other way around. Make being fit and healthy a lifestyle choice, rather than an easy way to reach your dream weight. Many people lose the determination or focus to continue once they have reached the weight they have been aiming for, but determined people don’t! They continue and maintain the weight and push themselves further until being fit and healthy becomes a part of who they are.


Of course, you will have to keep track of your progress so before you start take note of your weight and how many pounds you want to lose for a certain number of time. Some people call this as a “fit journal”. Other people also somehow make it as their “meal journal”.


There are some who want to have someone with them along the way. For those who go to the gym, this can be the fitness coach but for those who don’t go to the gym, it can be a friend, a significant other, or even a pet. Bring your dog on a run! You really don’t have to go to the gym if you can somehow make getting fit and healthy as a part of who you are, as I have said above. You can start with the little things like walking to work or school instead of driving there, especially if it is near. You can also stop calling the maid service to save money and also somehow force you to clean your home by yourself, without depending on anyone. By simply dusting your shelves, cleaning your toilet, and gardening, you will be able to lose weight, save money, and keep your surroundings clean and sparkly.


Lastly, find an exercise regiment that works for your and be sure to stick to it. That’s when the determined mindset is important. For a warm up, you can walk around your block or on a treadmill. You can also bike around your block or city to get your blood flowing. For cardio, which will improve your blood circulation and endurance, you can go on a run, bike against high resistance, or do some push ups. It is great for the heart, blood pressure, and a possibility of decreasing the chances of having Alzheimer’s Disease. With stregth training, you can increase your strength and tone your muscles, in a way this will also have a positive effect on your metabolism. You will be able to burn more calories even when you are just at rest. After that make sure that you take some time to relax and stretch a little. And finally, time for you to cool down. This will help your muscles relax.


Don’t panic about your weight, because you will be fine as long as you do some exercise, sleep well, and eat properly. I am positive that you will be losing weight in no time


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4 thoughts on “The Best Way To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym”

  1. teachexplorerun

    Hello Kendrick,

    I am a new runner myself. I think it is great that you are giving true and great advice. I agree that living a healthy lifestyle is at first a lifestyle choice and has more to do with willpower and your mind than anything else.

    I usually do really well for about 3 months to 6 months on my own and I always end up quitting or slowing down. I am in the healthy bodyweight according to BMI and doctors say after a check up. Other than a friend, family member or pet, is there another to remotivate while continuing the path of healthy living?

    1. Kendrickk SuperStarr Youngg

      Hey there,

      Many people think that it is easy to do this and do some of that. It is really hard work to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you can do anything that you want to do once you reach a certain point in your life.

      Staying true to your commitment can be hard at times. Sometimes you just want to give up. Keep pushing no matter what. If you need more motivation, I would suggest you just do it like it is your job. That way you will naturally do it without thinking too much about it. Plus when you look in the mirror you will always see results. When others see you they will tell you how great you look and you will think to yourself that you are not doing this in vain. Over time you will be self motivated and it won’t take much at all to be motivated. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I agree that it takes focus to get fit for themselves. These tips should really help people see that getting started in making change starts with the mind what we consume first. I live making my own smoothies and adding organic protein powder to the mix to make it more filling. Thanks for sharing this great information. I hope others will take advantage of this way to get fit.

    1. Kendrickk SuperStarr Youngg

      Working out is really important. More people should really consider it. & I like smoothies as well. They are one of my favorites. You should share you tips lol. Thanks for the feedback Liz.

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