The Best Way To Make An Affiliate Website

Today we are going to learn of the the best ways to make an affiliate website. If you’ve read some of the articles before, you would probably remember me mentioning an affiliate website. What is an affiliate website? Technically, it is more known under the name of Affiliate marketing. It is a type of perfomance based marketing in which a business is going to be rewarding one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that was brought by the affiliate’s marketing effort. To make it simpler to understand, think of your affiliate websites like your sales representatives. You have a website which is called – for example – Bloom’s Flower Shoppe. You sell flowers online and have them delivered to your customers. You have affiliated with another website that sells chocolates called Jesse’s Chocolates. Now, since flowers and chocolates can somehow be co-related to each other… Think Valentine’s day… Jesse’s Chocolates will promote your website. They will tell their customers that if they want flowers, your website – Bloom’s Flower Shoppe – sells great bouquets at lesser price compared to others. The customers from Jesse’s website will then transfer to your website, meaning it was Jesse who bought these customers to you. I hope you understood that. That’s how affiliate marketing works.


The word “Affiliate” is defined as “officially attach or connect (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization” or “a person or an organization officially attached to a larger body”.


There are different types of Affiliate websites that you must be aware about, and these are:


  • Daily Deals– If you want to be the affiliate website, the best way for you to earn would be to make a deal with local businesses near you. It’s simple, the more deals you are able to dispense, the bigger the affiliate commission will be. Remember, you will get rewarded for the customers that you bring it. You can place advertisements on the side of your websites to earn.
  • Price Comparison Websites– Another great way to earn. You will take two products from different stores and then compare them to each other. Make sure to feature product reviews from certified buyers or users. You will be able to earn a commission when a user will click on a link and visit the retailer’s site.

    If you want to add more, you can sell advertising space.

  • Product Review Sites– This is very popular these days. Many people are going for online shopping so of course, they want to be sure about what they are buying, if it’s really any good or if the online shop is reliable. So what will they do? They will look for reviews from customers. You will be able to earn when a user you have referred to the website makes a purchase.

    Make sure that your reviews are convincing!

What do you think about those suggestions above? In my own opinion, a product review website is great but it isn’t always a guarantee that the user you have referred will end up purchasing the product you have reviewed. They could be just looking around. Price comparison websites are great since all the user has to do would be to go to the retailer’s website and you will immediately earn, but that’s not guaranteed too. Daily deals is great too! You will be able to somehow convince the customers to make a purchase since they will be receiving discounts, etc., depending on your agreement with the store.


What’s your opinion about this? Nonetheless, affiliate marketing is making it’s way out of the surface now and it’s a good way to earn money. Make sure that your readers trust you! It’s a very important factor in doing internet business.


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  1. I like your information on the best ways to way to make an affiliate website. I do agree with your article on the different types of websites that you can create. Although there are tons of other ways to create an affiliate website, You have mentioned some major stepping stone for beginners to learn. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living from, if you have the right training and knowledge. You have a done just that. Thanks again.

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