The Best Way To Tone Down Belly And Keep It Off

Today we are going to be discussing the best way to tone down belly and keep it off. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is conscious about their health and figures which is a great thing since being conscious of what we are eating and the percentage of fat in our body will keep a person healthy and fit. When we are healthy, we are able to do a lot of things and is generally happy.

Even doctors recommend that depressed people exercise because it releases happy hormones.


People are conscious about the fat in their cheeks, arms, thighs, but most importantly their bellies. I believe the belly is the hardest part of the body to rid of fat. You may need to do a lot of exercise, but don’t worry, I’m sure that you will be able to do it. There’s no more need for you to suck it in when your favorite jeans won’t work anymore. Below are effective yet not so time consuming exercises and habits that you should integrate into your daily life. I understand that sometimes we feel like there isn’t enough time to do the things we love, let alone add an exercise routine. If you put your mind to it, then you can do it.

Take a look at the examples below and find out what you can add to your daily activities:

  • During your meal, make sure that you chew your food properly. Don’t just swallow it and give the work load to your stomach. Digestion of the food begins in the mouth, and if you don’t chew the food you are eating properly, you may be giving yourself gas and a chance for your stomach to bloat.

    Most people call this as the secret of why French women are so thin. It’s because they chew their food two or three times longer than an average person. When the food reaches their stomach, it is easier to digest and is out of the body system faster. You don’t have to eat for five hours just to make sure that the food you are eating is properly chewed.

  • Watch your salt and seasonings.

    If you want your tummy to stop bloating, you may want to cut down on the salt. In the medical field, we have a saying that goes: “Where Salt Goes Water Follows”. Sodium causes the cells to swell up thus the bloating. Instead you can add some flavor to your food by adding some fresh tomato salsa or even cayenne pepper which I must mention also helps in boosting your metabolism.

  • Why don’t you try boxing? Throwing punches with weights or even at just a fast pace give you the chance to work on your core in a way that helps flatten your midsection. You can also add some additional twisting to your torso to work all your ab muscles.

    Adding just 16 minutes of boxing three times a week can help you lost up to two inches of belly fat.

    You can also do that during your lunch break or when you wake up in the morning, but don’t forget to stretch a little before doing so.

  • Try Brazilian sit-up!

    You can start by lying on your back with your heels on the ground and position your hands in front of your chest. Next, you will exhale as you perform a sit up by lifting  your torso off the ground. You can do it! Draw your right knee to your chest as you do the sit up. Foot flexed and hands up. Now push your right leg out in front of you, leading your heel, and sweep your left arm across your chest. Your right hand will extend to the right side. Go back to your starting position and begin again.

    You can do this in one minute every day.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Tone Down Belly And Keep It Off

  1. What I like about your ideas on how to loose some belly fat is that you go right to the point. Don’t eat too much salt, do sit ups or punches….etc.
    We all need a reminder once in a while, even if we think we are doing everything right, sometimes we may forget something. What also helps me is holding my core in while running or doing any kind of exercise for that matter. It not only prevents injuries but tightens my core.

    1. Everyone wants to lose that gut and get a 6 pack but they don’t want to put in any work. Putting in the work is the secret. I tried holding my core while running and also tried it with other exercises. I think it helps to tightens the core as well. Thanks for the feedback Gabby.

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