The Dangers of Social Media

I’m sure you are familiar with the websites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just to name a few. These websites are called “Social Media”. These are websites that enable users to create and share content, and connect with friends and family. I remember using the website Friendster as my first social media account. Do you remember it? I remember spending hours trying to find the perfect theme for my profile. However, as much as it invited connections, it also invited misconnections. Like all things, there are bad things about social media too that’s why it is our responsibility to be aware.



1.) BULLYING. One of the worst effects of social media is it allows an easier door for bullies to send hate mails to other people. You can even use an anonymous account to see threats, and there are little to no ways to trace it back to you.



2.) INVASION OF PRIVACY. Right now, it is so easy to social media stalk someone. You can google search someone’s name and you’ll be able to get a lot of information about the person. It is our responsibility to be careful of the data that we put online. Avoid putting sensitive data, especially those that can answer security questions.



3.) CONNECTED TO THE ONE ABOVE, IDENTITY THEFT. Or those we call ‘POSER ACCOUNTS’. People who can see your accounts, can save your pictures, pretend to be you on social media, and add people. I even know of a girl whose pictures are stolen and the owner of the fake accounts are trying to get people to buy her stuff, or catfish the people (mostly men) to buy her stuff in exchange for nudes.




4.) PEDOPHILIA. In the terms and conditions of social media accounts, you’ll often see that children under a certain age aren’t allowed to be on the website yet. However, many parents feel that this particular rule is okay to ignore. This exposes our children to prying eyes. It’s not a good thing. Keep children off social media until they can understand what they are doing, or know the repercussions of it.




5.) NOT SAFE FOR THE EYES CONTENT. Right now, it is so easy to spread pornographic materials. You could be peacefully browsing around your social media when you suddenly come across a weird website that is promoting porn. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying porn once in a while, minors could run into these ads which is not really great for them. As adults, we need to protect them from these things until they are much older and can understand what’s going on.



6.) FALSE INFORMATION. Nowadays, anyone can start a website. Anyone can pretend to be credible and an expert, and there are people who would not even bat an eye and believe it as soon as possible. There are so many people who have fallen for scams online, and that’s because of social media.




In the online world, privacy is your ally. My advice would be to screen what you post. Think twice before posting something. Is this something I really want to put on the internet? Because once it’s on the internet, it can be saved just by anyone. People can take a screenshot of your post and send it to someone else. At the end of the day, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Have a great day! And stay safe online and offline!


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