The Origin Of Christmas Celebrations!

Hey you, Merry Christmas! As they say, this is the season for giving so what I will be giving you today is a little background story on the origin of Christmas. Where it came from and why it is one of the most popular holidays in the world?

The word CHRISTMAS is a celebration of Christians all over the world that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians consider this to be a sacred holiday, a day to be with family and pray. However, nowadays, because of how popular the holiday has become it has turned into a commercial phenomenon. Jesus Christ is believed to be the human incarnation of God to save humankind from eternal damnation. He was sent by God to save man from sin. He died so that humans could have everlasting life with God in heaven.


Devoted Christians would head to church, share meals with family and friends, decorate Christmas trees, and exchange gifts. However these days, Santa Claus seems to be getting more attention than Jesus. Children would stay up late to wait for the Jolly Old Man who slides down chimneys to bring them gifts.


But how exactly did Christmas start? How are we so sure that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed born on December 25? In the Bible, the exact date of Jesus wasn’t stated. Many believed that the Christian church adopted the feast day of Mithra, the god of the unconquerable sun, to be Jesus’ birthday. The celebration of the birth of Mithra was popular among the upper classes in the Roman society. They considered it as the most sacred day of the year. It was Pope Julius who chose December 25 with the purpose of absorbing and adopting traditions of the pagans. They called it as the Feast of Nativity.


In doing so, the Christian church had made the holiday quite popular. They had replaced pagan holidays with their own.


In the middle ages, Christmas celebrations weren’t peaceful like the ones we have today. It was like a Mardi Gras!


With that information, go forth and dine with your family. Share with them this tidbit and start the conversation going. Have a happy holidays!!!

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