Tips For Online Classes

Most of us are stuck doing online classes because most schools are still closed. How have you adjusted to online learning? Being a student and a teacher myself, I have to admit that online classes involves a lot of more work compared to physical classes. As a teacher, there are a lot of additional paper works or student submissions that I have to check in order to grade them properly or to assess if they really did understand the lesson. Also, I would have to check their assignments one by one to see if they just copied from their classmates or directly from the internet.

The hard part about being a student online would be to actually learn something. I believe that most students right now are mostly focusing on submitting requirements. There are a lot of deadlines piling on them every week from different subjects and personally, that’s hard. That’s stressful. And it is definitely not effective. How can you learn when you have so many things to think about? You aren’t learning. You are just submitting.

So here’s how you can become a better student this year 2021:


1.) SET A SPECIFIC PART OF THE HOUSE WHERE YOU WILL HAVE YOUR CLASSES. Think of it like your classroom at home. Everything that you need for class will be there, within reach. It is quiet and you will be able to concentrate on your class. There are no distractions like your TV or your phone that’s easily within reach.


2.) A FULL BREAKFAST. Make sure that before classes begin, you are full. A full belly gives you energy to keep going throughout the day. Drink lots of fluid and if you need coffee, indulge.


3.) HAVE A PROPER TABLE AND CHAIR. Don’t study on the bed. Don’t study on the floor. Have a table and a chair where you can sit down and work on your classes. Working on the bed will make you feel lazy and sleepy. You won’t be able to give proper attention to your work.


4.) TAKE DOWN NOTES. Remember when you use to take down notes in class while the teacher was in the front? You can do that too. It will help you concentrate on what your teacher is trying to say.


5.) ASK QUESTIONS. If there’s something that isn’t clear to you, then please ask. It is better to ask to be sure than to pass the wrong thing or to understand something differently from what the teacher intends.



Lastly, try to enjoy your online classes and remember not to cheat. Integrity is still important and it is a way to really assess if you know your lessons. Have a great day!

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