Have you ever heard of WEBTOONS? That’s where I spend most of my time before sleep these past few months. Ever since I discovered it, I couldn’t seem to let it go. It has become a guilty pleasure that I allow myself to have at the end of each day. Webtoon is a website that has an application that you can download from both Playstore (for Android phones) and App Store (for Apple phones). Just like Manga (the Japanese comics), Webtoon has developed a new way of storytelling. This website caters to those who have a story to tell.

As a creator, you can earn through the use of coins.


Let’s take a look at some Webtoons you might find yourself interested in, okay?


Yes, this is a modern re-telling of the tale of Hades and Persephone. It’s really great! It tells about a young Persephone who is staying with Artemis. It’s her first time being away from her overbearing mother, Demeter. During a night out, she meets Hades, god of the underworld, and accidentally finds herself in his home.

The angst, star-crossed lovers, and the mystery behind the secret that Demeter and Persephone were hiding just makes you turn to the next episode and wait eagerly.

Not to mention that the art is really great too. Each character has a color associated to them.






Okay, it has been officially three weeks since I started reading this one. And for the first two nights, I had to finish all the published episodes because I couldn’t put it down. Mystery! Action! Angst! Romance! Murder! It’s all here!

Lauren is a police officer with an ability to detect lies, but she never imagined that she would partner up with the number one most wanted assassin to solve a mystery.



It’s not all dark and gruesome though! The humor in this Webtoon is also gold and you will fall in love with the secondary characters. 🙂



If you want just some light reading to pass the time, this slice of life “silly comics for silly people” might be the one for you.





If you are looking for a little bit of fantasy, Siren’s Lament may be what you want to sink your teeth into. Love triangle? Check! Magic? Check! Mermaids? Check! Memory loss? Check! Hunters? Check! Evil sisters and witches? Check!

You’ll find yourself torn between the two male leads.





Cutesy Webtoon! Wholesome! Art is amazing! Story line is well-thought of! Super Secret revolves around two best friends, Ryan and Emma. Emma thought she already knew Ryan so well, but she doesn’t know that he has been keeping a huge secret from her.




If you need more recommendations, don’t hesitate to hit us up! I know we are all looking for something to keep us entertained while we stay at home so hopefully this short list helps! Have a great day and enjoy reading! The application is free to download by the way! 🙂

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