Trust – Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg(prod. JacobEsteban)

Trust is a fragile thing, something precious that requires protection, so fragile that a single drop of doubt could mean its destruction. A hooded look, averting gazes, lying through your teeth, deleted texts… something so undetected once detected can turn the whole story upside down. 
A single lie once found out can create a domino effect on all truths expressed and once it has started, it will be hard to stop its motion. It could ruin families and relationships. One would think a little white lie wouldn’t hurt, “just this one time” would be alright but mind the effects of your actions. It could be the blade that will kill any kind of relationship.

14 thoughts on “Trust – Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg(prod. JacobEsteban)

  1. Thank you for sharing this song. This reminds me I used to do my own raps and make songs with them when I was younger. I think it’s great that you are making your own rap or hip-hop songs. You have good lyrics and good delivery and a good message. I encourage you to keep going With your music and be yourself. The instrumental is very nice to so I give my compliments to the producer.

  2. I almost cried reading the lyrics while listening to your rap Kendrickk, you’re super talented and I actually looked for Trust on Spotify! All I could find was White Iverson though, can’t wait for more of your songs to get featured. Out of curiosity, do you have plans on doing features with other artists? 😀

  3. This looks (sounds!) a little bit different approach to the title but I liked it. And your song was honestly amazing! 
    Videos make more traffic/people to find you, I’m, pretty sure of that, especially good ones like yours 🙂
    And one another good part of videos is that you can tell lots of things in a short time, share your feelings and make your content much more entertaining. 
    Thumbs up!  

  4. True, a simple lie can become a force to kill all the truths that one might have said in the past. You make good music. Not some song with just curse words. You pass a good message across and I really commend you. The instrumental of the song is nice too. That producer did a great job. Keep it up.

  5. This is So MEAN bro. Thanks a bunch. I going to push this all my friends on FB 🙂 I think there going to love it. That one lie is all it takes to ruin an entire world my friend… Just look at what a guy like Mohammad has done with the minds of billions…

    We need more words like your about

    Thanks a Bunch  

  6. Wow!, it’s really deep and insightful I must confess, hearing it at first brought about a lot of questions popping in my mind about humans. The lyrics to this track is a song all youths need to vibe and flow with because it teaches the real story and preaching of trust everyone should know and walk with so as not to get disappointed. Thanks a bunch.

  7. I really likes your video Kendrickk Superstarr Youngg. 

    Your lyrics are very touching and truthful sounding. The music is catchy and has a good beat to it. I love a good love song and that’s what this is.

    This reminds me of my teenage days when I use to write poems to help me get through my heartbreaks and sad times.  

    Did you write this with someone special in mind? Like maybe a girl friend or a wife? I believe when we write with some one special in mind the song or poem has a lot more meaning to it and that comes through in the writing or lyrics.

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