Urban Gardening 101

Just because you live in a concrete jungle doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself of actual plants. Ever since the quarantines began, people have noticed at increase of interest of people when it came to plants, specifically house plants. I guess, due to the fact that people aren’t allowed outside as much as before, most of us have decided to bring the outside to the inside. Living in a condominium in the middle of a metropolis might seem very discouraging to start a garden… I mean, do you even have the space to start one? But let me tell you, if there is a will, there is a way.

Have you ever heard of URBAN GARDENING?

Urban Gardening is a practice of growing plants in an urban environment. In this case, the big city. What kind of plants am I talking about? Specifically, through a proper urban gardening, you will be able to grow all types and varieties of plants. Most people who practice urban garden are those with limited space, small patios, small yards, or even balconies.


Here are a few examples:




Just because you only have a balcony, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own little garden. The pictures above are especially good for those who live in high rise buildings or condominiums. Here are a few more examples:





For a small space, vertical gardens are the best. Aside from being able to save space or make use of the space that’s available to you at the moment, it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Plants in general are good for the planet, which is always a good thing. Plants help reduce the carbon footprint of a building by acting as a filter against pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air. You’ll be happy also to know that the air in your home has probably improved a lot.

If you need plants indoors, you may want to consider these plants. These are good plants to start with, especially if you aren’t so sure if you are capable of taking care of plants.



Also called the “sweetheart plant”.



Don’t let the name of this plant fool you, it’s harmless and easy to care for.


Another plant with a scary name but it’s really not. It’s pretty and quite the opposite of it’s name. It’s angelic.

It looks quite the same with the philodendron right? But if you look closely at the leaves, there’s a difference. The philodendron is more glossy. Other people also prefer to care for herbs like peppermint, lavender, basil, rosemary, and citronella to name a few. Chefs or those who enjoy cooking tend to put the herbs in the kitchen so they can easily take some while cooking. It’s convenient and it also saves you money. The herbs will also last you for a long time, as long as you don’t totally take all the plant out of the pot. It’s like a never ending supply of herbs.


Here are a few examples:




Are you excited to start your garden? Or maybe you already have one and have a few gardening tips to share? Drop them in the comments below! We are happy to read comments from you guys! Have a great day and we hope your gardening adventure turns out alright. Don’t let the small space stop you.

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