Valentine’s Day Ideas!

The day of love is fast approaching. A holiday that is an advent of a new year and new beginnings. Advertising and business practices perceive Valentine’s Day as a holiday for couples, exclusively. Single people are given the impression of not celebrating it because of their status. But modern people today tend to include everyone and treats the holiday as a celebration of love, not just romantic love.

The 2020 Pandemic caught the world by surprise and community lockdowns, quarantines, travel bans, and the limiting of social contact happened because of the virus’ nature. Due to the precautions, people are encouraged to limit social gatherings and stay at home; Adapting by utilizing the internet for their professions, businesses, and of course, social interactions. Not only did it dramatically change the lifestyle of millions but also the manner of how we perceive our relationships. But who’s to say we can’t celebrate Valentine’s day in safety of our homes.



If you don’t know how to cook, there’s no need to worry. With our tech savvy culture, online deliveries are at boom in our current situation. Going out these days seems like a hassle. With the threat of the virus being around, the things that we used to do seems dangerous. Thanks to the innovations of online delivery apps, food is within your grasp. Safe in the premises of your home, enjoy the delicacies of your favorite local restaurants with your loved ones.

Now all you need to do is prepare the table and the decorations.

However if you do know how to cook. cooking it with your loved ones makes it a hundred times tastier. Not only do you get to flaunt your awesome cooking skills to your loved ones but you get to see their priceless reactions tasting it, good or funny. If you are tired of flipping knives and smashing eggs, consider getting a portable electric hot pot. Do a quick run by to a local grocery store, buy some bacon and chicken tenders for the fires. It is a warm way to spend time with your loved ones over a hot grill searing meat.



For those who are currently stuck in a long distance relationship, if you or your loved ones don’t have the luxury of travel, you should probably mail a letter and hope it gets to them. Or send it to them digitally! That is where your smartphone and internet connection come in. There are alternatives to Facebook in terms of voice and video chat such as apps like Zoom and Discord chat. The apps offer a stable line of communication and a user-friendly user interface. The apps can house more than 10 people in a single call unlike Facebook messenger. Group gatherings have never been so simple.

The heart-felt letters will remind them that you are there for them. If you want something with a little bit more flair, you can contact a local shop (food or flowers usually work especially if it’s for a woman) and have them prepare something. It helps if they have a delivery service and you can pay them online. That will definitely make Valentine’s day a little more special for your significant other despite the distance.

For the Valentine’s Day experience, setting up decorations around the house really sets the tone of the warm and cuddly holiday. Wearing matching reds can really set the bar for the festive mood. And don’t forget the Chocolate!

Anyone can capture photos with a smart phone these days and post them on social media as memories. To make a more wholesome and meaningful experience, capture memories with a Polaroid camera and instantly hang them around the house. A quaint way to reminisce Valentine’s Day.

Having a Netflix account can go a long way of making a select movie list. Sit back and relax to an array of romcoms and dramas with a nice pairing of snacks and beverages. Simple it may be, but spending time together is what counts. Don’t forget to add meaningful conversation to the mix.


Have a great Valentine’s Day!


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