What Does It Mean When Your Ex Keeps Texting?

What does it mean when your ex keeps texting? Have you ever asked yourself this? Do you wonder why all of a sudden an ex lover begins to call and text you for no reason at all?


One way or another, we have been there. We are familiar with this scenario. It may have happened to us or to a friend of ours. Immediately, most of us would think that maybe our ex lover wants us back. He or she must have realized, after months of weeks of not talking and seeing each other, that you were the only one for him or her. They made a mistake and they really want you back in their lives to make every thing feel right again. Stop yourself! There are situations that this is true. Your ex may love you still and that’s the reason why he or she is calling you, but before you jump back into their arms again, it would be best if you can make sure that love truly is the reason why they are calling.


Humans are complex creatures. We do things because of a lot of reasons. Most of the times, these reasons are selfish. Here are some reasons why your ex might be texting you.


  • They realized that they are still deeply in love with you. If this is the real reason why your ex is texting you, then you are one of the lucky ones. Maybe the two of you are really meant to be together, or to have that second chance to right the wrong. That’s great!You have to make sure that he or she is sincere though. You don’t want to be fooled the second time around. Trust your gut. If you feel like something is wrong, then maybe something really is.
  • Your ex may need something from you. Maybe he has a favor to ask you and he knows that you will be willing to help him in a heartbeat. He or she may need an ego boost every once in a while and they know that they can get it from you. You aren’t doing both of you a favor if you keep on entertaining the ex. He or she will just continue to be dependent on you.
  • If you had a great sex life, your ex may be missing it and wants it back. That’s not enough reason to get back together with him or her though.
  • Your ex tried to replace you with someone better but they can’t. It’s not that they can’t find someone to date, but it’s just that they can’t find someone who they think is better than you. You may be a doctor and the person that they are dating now may be a nurse. You may be a lawyer while the person they are currently attracted to is still a student. They don’t want to be seen as the one who lost the break up battle so instead of focusing on forming new bonds, they will try to rebond with you again.
  • They want to brag about how they are currently doing in life. Your heart may flutter a bit when you receive that “Hey, how are you doing?” text from them, only to find out that they just want to brag to someone about their new achievements and a new promotion at your expense. Don’t waste your time. You aren’t interested in listening.
  • They feel guilty. Maybe they did you wrong, and since the day you two broke up, they can’t sleep and their chest feels heavy. They want to make things right. They want to be able to sleep peacefully again.

As I said, there are many reasons why an ex would text you and it’s not necessarily a good thing. You should keep your eyes wide open for signs that tells you that something is wrong. You will be able to feel it, trust me. Once you see something shady, bolt out of there.


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2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When Your Ex Keeps Texting?

  1. I agree with you about the main reasons why an ex boyfriend/girlfriend would want to make contact again. I have another scenario to add though.
    Perhaps your ex has had a relationship with someone else and it has broken up. He/she now finds they are at a loose end with nobody to talk to or be with, so they contact you. Not because they want you back, but because they just need some company and want to convince themselves that they are still attractive. Ending a relationship can really knock your confidence for six. Ches

    1. I see what you mean. Perhaps that is another reason that they would contact you. Maybe some people would be able to relate that you for that reason. There also could be other reasons as well. Thanks for the feedback.

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